Keeping in contact

Our pre-school aims to establish a positive relationship with all the parents and carers who are involved with our group. We acknowledge the importance of involving parents in their child’s pre-school education by keeping them informed about their child’s progress through their Learning Journey.

Most of our communication with parents is face-to-face or through our regular newsletter and this will remain unchanged. However, we are looking to become more informative and have set up a blog to give you a flavour of your child’s week, and encourage you to sign up to receive updates via the box on the left hand side of this website.

We also encourage parents to visit the group and join in sessions once their children have begun pre-school. We are available to talk to parents about their concerns at the beginning and end of each session. We will also make special arrangements to talk to parents at a mutually convenient time and can provide a private place to talk.


Caring for preschoolers from Debenham and the surrounding community