Ofsted Outstanding

We are very proud that Debenham Roundabout Pre-school received an outstanding in our most recent inspection. Here is en extract from the report:

“The quality of teaching is exceptional. Practitioners’ expert knowledge of how children learn, enables them to provide highly exciting, stimulating and purposeful learning opportunities. Key persons plan activities based on individual children’s next steps in learning. As a result, activities are superbly well matched to children’s interests and capabilities.

Children are extremely confident, who take pleasure in guiding their own learning. Their confidence is expertly promoted, by key persons spending valuable time developing their knowledge about children’s individual needs.

Practitioners work exceptionally well with parents and other professionals to support children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Practitioners’ timely and well-considered interventions, ensure that any gaps in children’s learning are swiftly closed. As a result, all children make excellent progress in their learning.

Management is extremely innovative. Practitioners and management are highly qualified. Excellent use is made of a wide range of training to enhance their knowledge. New ideas and practices developed through training are effectively implemented within the pre-school.

Children are proficiently protected from harm, as practitioners demonstrate exceptional knowledge of their responsibilities, with regards to safeguarding children. Extremely high priority is given to ensuring practitioners and managers receive regular and effective safeguarding training.”

If you wish to read the whole report, you can find it here.

Caring for preschoolers from Debenham and the surrounding community