Admissions and Enrolment

At Roundabout we always try to meet the needs of all parents who wish to enrol their children but sadly sometimes this is not possible. In order to be fair to everybody we have adopted the following admission policy:

Those children who are funded (from the term after the child’s third birthday) can claim up to five funded sessions in a week on a first come, first served basis. Next we offer sessions to unfunded children. If there are any sessions left available, funded children can have more than five and pay for the extra sessions. This scheduling is then all worked out according to the age of the child.

To enable us to manage this process fairly, we ask all parents to inform us of their needs the half-term before they are required, so we are able to schedule sessions for the next term. If return slips are not sent back by the date stated sessions will automatically be allocated. We do try to satisfy everyone’s needs but unfortunately we cannot always give the preferred session times.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at our preschool, please click to download and print our 2020-Enrolment-Form-September-2020 Alternatively you can email a request.

Caring for preschoolers from Debenham and the surrounding community