Spring Term

We look forward to welcoming you back to the second half of the Spring Term on Monday 24th of February. We have been busy preparing the role play area and turning it into a ‘Farm Shop’, based on the children’s interests and next steps. This will provide the children with lots of mathematics and writing opportunities as well as developing communication and language.

We are also very excited to be having some duck eggs at Preschool this term after the success of hatching chickens last year! We will be following their progress and reporting of any developments! On Monday we will be having a visit from one of the hens which was hatched at Preschool!

We will be continuing with PE on Monday and Woodland Mornings on Tuesday at the primary school. We will also be making regular visits to the Library during the term.

Please remember to bring in plenty of warm clothes and spares as we continue with the changeable and cold weather. Thank you 🙂