Meet Our Committee

Sarah PhaupHello, I’m Sarah Phaup, the Chair of the pre school. I have two boys, one at Roundabout and  one in year 1. I have been in Debenham for five years, I joined the committee when my eldest started. I have really enjoyed meeting people through the committee and raising funds for the development and resources. Its not just about baking! Come along and see for yourselves.

Sarah Watts

My name is Sarah Watts. I have two children, Arthur and George and we moved to Debenham from Colchester in April 2016. I joined the Committee in September 2016 as a way of helping us settle into village life. I have really enjoyed getting stuck in helping at the fundraisers throughout the year and Arthur, George and I have been very lucky to have made some solid friendships through the committee and preschool.

Ashley Buckle

My name is Ashley Buckle and I am the Secretary on the preschool committee. I have two children, Rudy and Tabitha. I have been a member of the committee since October 2016, when Rudy joined the preschool, and have helped out with teas and coffees at parents evening, fundraising and selling refreshments at the Christmas concert, the annual duck race, sports day and the summer sizzler. It’s been great to meet new people and help raise money for our lovely preschool.

My name is Natalie Burgess and I am the Treasurer for the committee. I have 2 sons, Dexter (5) who is in Reception and Hugo (1) who will be starting at the Preschool as soon as he turns 2. I feel very lucky to be able to send my children to such a lovely caring Preschool so wanted to help in any way I could. It’s also a great way to meet new people!

My name is Milly. My daughter very happily joined the Pre-school in September 2016.  As a family we felt especially fortunate to be able to send her to such a caring and stimulating setting and so I joined the committee in 2017 in order to try to give something back.  Since then I’ve been lucky enough to learn lots more about the pre-school and meet all those involved in its success.

My name is Cath Strawson, I have two little ones, Tom (1) and Betty (3) and we live in nearby Pettaugh. My daughter joined the Pre-school in September 2017 and has been very happy there. Since joining the committee last year I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping out at the Frost Fayre stall, designing posters for fundraising events and learning more about how our lovely preschool is run.

My name is Gordon, I’m a 27 year old dad of 2, and I live in the village with my wife and kids. I work in Debenham for Bloomfield Installations, we work in the farming and industrial communities. I’m the head coach at Diss Athletics Club and have been involved there since I was 11 and started coaching when I was 16. I’ve been head coach for 5 years. I’m a very keen follower of Star wars and am a member of the Norwich Star wars heroes and Villains costume club. I cosplay as a Mandalorian warrior (Boba Fett style armour). We get involved in charity events and raise money for various projects. When I have spare time from my many activities I like to read and build stuff (fantasy, Sci-Fi and historic pieces). I joined the committee to try and give something back to the people who have looked after my kids and progressed them on to primary school.

My name is Stephanie Moon. I’m a stay at home mum to my two children, Arthur and Erica. I’ve been living in Debenham for almost 3 years. I joined the committee in September. I enjoy fundraising and being involved with the preschool is a great way getting to know the parents of the children that my children will be growing up with.

My name is Becky Farrell. I have two daughters Isla and Evie. I joined the Roundabout committee in September 2018. My eldest daughter Isla had a wonderful time attending the preschool for two years before joining Debenham primary this year. With this in mind I wanted to show my gratitude by joining the committee to help with fundraising and support the running of the preschool.

My name is Emma Fowkes and I joined the preschool committee as a parent representative in November 2018. I have 3 children; Morgan, who has been through the preschool, Evie who is currently enjoying the preschool and Freddie who is 6 months old. I’m looking forward to helping out with the annual fundraisers so that many more children get to benefit from our lovely preschool.


Caring for preschoolers from Debenham and the surrounding community