Enabling environments

When children feel emotionally safe and secure they are able to explore and find out about the place they are in and the things they can see, touch, manoeuvre or manipulate. (Early Years Matters)

While the children spend their time at Pre-school we are privileged to be part of and capture special moments which we link to their development and provide further learning opportunities.  This photo is a good example of just one those special moments and wanted to share! Children learn better when they feel happy, safe and secure.

Minibeast hunters

During our woodland morning today the children were minibeast hunters! They learned about the creatures habitats. Shaded by the trees the area is ideal for finding worms, slugs and snails. The explorers were fascinated by the creatures, being able to get up close to view them and handling them –  with care.

Thank You & Farewell

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and generosity that everyone has shown me over the past few weeks but especially during my last working week.

I was completely overwhelmed by the farewell get togethers and it meant so much to me that people wanted to come out and say goodbye!  I was also truly humbled (and a little embarrassed!) by the vast array of leaving gifts and was left quite speechless (which I’m sure the team will tell you is a little unusual!)  I still don’t really know what to say apart from another enormous thank you and I feel lucky to have been involved with such a wonderful group for so long,  Roundabout is indeed a very special place.

With kindest regards, Pip x

A fond farewell to Pip!

On Friday we said a fond farewell to Pip! The committee, parents, children and staff gathered to give gifts and well wishes. It was an emotional day which just shows how much she will be missed and are grateful for all Pip has achieved since joining Debenham Roundabout Pre-school. We wish her every success in her new chapter.



We are absolutely delighted and thrilled to tell you all that Jane and Anna both graduated (achieving excellent results!) from the University of Suffolk, they have both now gained their level 5 qualification, a Foundation Degree in Early Years Practice.
They have both worked so hard to complete their studies whilst continuing to work at pre-school and balancing busy home lives.  We hope you will join in with us to wish them many congratulations, we are all really proud of them and their accomplishments.

Makaton signs this week

This week we have been singing and signing “Down in the Jungle” It’s lovely to see the children joining in with the actions. We still continue to use signs with songs from the previous weeks and the children are picking it up very well 🙂

Please click below for words and actions