Fizzy colour explosions!

Just adding another photo of one of the activities from our science week! We look forward to showing you more on Monday when you can join us for parents evening.

Just a quick reminder – If you are unable to make it on the night, please see your child’s  key person and we can arrange a convenient time for you to talk about your child’s learning journey before or after sessions.

Science week

This week we have been celebrating science week! This has given lots of opportunities to experiment and investigate!

We have been planting cress seeds and talked about growth and changes over time. We have also made some amazing bubble pictures with paint.

The children have investigated the properties of different substances by discovering what happens when we mix, paints, liquids and substances together.  On Thursday we made ‘magic milk’ adding dish soap to milk and drops of food colouring to watch the colours rapidly disperse in a dish – making the colours dance.

The children were also busy making ‘wave discovery bottles’ adding oil and blue food colouring to water with sparkles and shells. Today we finished the week making fizzy colour explosions, using vinegar food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. Watching the colours fizz together when adding vinegar using pipettes.

We hope the children had as much fun as we did! Hopefully they will share their experiences with you and chat about it at home 🙂


Guess the name of this delightful dinosaur!

Generously donated by Kelly Hammond and Mrs Connors, this beautiful dinosaur can’t wait to meet you! It will be at preschool on Monday the 11th March and at Debenham Parent and Toddlers over the next 2 weeks so you can take a closer look before guessing its name! Guess the name for £1 to win the dinosaur! We’ll draw the winning name at the Stay and Play session on 26th March

We will be splitting the funds raised with Debenham Parent and Toddler group!

Many thanks from the  committee and staff 🙂

30 Hours Free Childcare – applications for summer term

30 Hours Free Childcare – applications for summer term

Parents please apply now so you get your code in good time. HMRC sometimes need more information from the parent to check whether they are eligible, so parents should allow time for this to ensure a valid code is received well ahead of the termly deadline (31 March 2019).

If you have a valid code for your child for the summer term and it is the first time they will be eligible, please could you bring the code to pre-school before the 31st March so that we can confirm their eligibility. If the code is not checked before the deadline of March 31st your child will not be eligible until the Autumn Term. Anna will also need a parental consent form filled out to be able to check new codes so please ask for one when you bring in your code.

Reconfirmation  Parents who already have a 30 Hour code please reconfirm their eligibility.

In the Summer Term we shall be doing our funding forms slightly differently.  If your child’s hours will not change at all from the previous term, we will only require you to sign the summer term section of the previous forms that we have at pre-school. However, if your child’s hours are changing for the summer term then we shall need a new form to be filled out.

Once sessions are confirmed, forms will be generated for those parents who need them and handed out at the beginning of term. Anna will just be chasing the rest of you for signatures once we return for the Summer Term!

If you have any queries pleased ask,

Many thanks,




Shell shock!

Today with the eggspert help of Mrs Faulds, we shone a bright light behind the eggs  to see how the chicks were developing – a process called ‘Candling’ . We were amazed to see dark areas inside and veins, which tell us that the chicks are starting to grow!

It was great to show the children and they are keen to meet them – hopefully in around two weeks time!

World Book Day

Dear all,

Just a reminder that it is World Book Day on Thursday.  We are asking children and staff to please bring in their favourite book.

We will have the  dressing up clothes out if children wish to dress up while at preschool during the day and we will also be providing lots of opportunities to share books together in our reading tent.


We have welcomed the eggs at preschool! Thank you very much to the Faulds family for kindly letting us hatch them! We endeavour to look after them very well during their stay at Preschool.

The children have been asking lots of questions already and are looking forward to meeting the baby chicks! We have put a count down on the wall and I will be blogging their progress to keep you updated.

Welcome Back!

Our themed corner this term is ‘The Vets’  We are looking forward to the children having lots of learning opportunities .  A special thank you to the Wilson family for kindly donating items for us to use.   Also to Henry Abbott Hardware Store for kindly donating some pet food and leaflets  which we have added to our display.  I will be adding photos throughout the term of the children engaging in their play – watch this space!

Ice Painting

Children learn best when given time to be able to explore and investigate.  This week one of the activities we provided came from a discovery from the children, they had found some ice outside in the preschool garden and were talking about it to each other “I think it looks like glass” “Does it break?” So we decided to freeze food colouring for the children to explore the properties of ice further while experimenting with colours.

Children need lots of first-hand experiences to develop skills and concepts through play. They met the activity with lots of enthusiasm and it provided plenty of discussions. We put a little salt on the ice to speed up the melting process and it produced some interesting patterns which the children observed.

We will display the pictures up on the wall for your child to show you and talk about them.