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Thank You & Farewell

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and generosity that everyone has shown me over the past few weeks but especially during my last working week.

I was completely overwhelmed by the farewell get togethers and it meant so much to me that people wanted to come out and say goodbye!  I was also truly humbled (and a little embarrassed!) by the vast array of leaving gifts and was left quite speechless (which I’m sure the team will tell you is a little unusual!)  I still don’t really know what to say apart from another enormous thank you and I feel lucky to have been involved with such a wonderful group for so long,  Roundabout is indeed a very special place.

With kindest regards, Pip x

Preschool AGM

Don’t forget its the preschool AGM on Thursday 11th October at 7:30pm.

If you would like to join the committee or find out whats involved, please come along. Everyone is welcome.

Hopefully we will see you there.


Preschool Leader Update

Dear Parents and Carers

As you are aware, Pip has notified the committee of her wish to step down as pre-school Leader at the end of this half term. Pip has been the Leader of Roundabout Preschool for many years and will be very much missed by the children, staff and the preschool committee.

I am happy to inform you that Chloe Brinkley has been appointed as our new pre-school Leader. Chloe will be working with Pip and the team during this half term, allowing her to start to settle into the role while Pip is still with us. She will start her role after the half term holiday.

I hope you join with us in wishing the best of luck to Chloe in her new role, and to Pip in her new adventures outside of the pre-school.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Phaup

Chair, on behalf of the pre-school committee

Annual General Meeting

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wrote to many of you last school year to explain how Debenham Roundabout pre-school is a committee run charity that needs the support of parents in order to exist. On Thursday 11th October we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, where over wine and nibbles we review the past year and look forward to the upcoming school year. The AGM is also where many committee members stand down and new committee members come on board.

As mentioned in my last letter, we have been very lucky over the past few years to have a number of wonderful volunteers who have been mainstays of the committee but who now, due to their children moving on from pre-school, have decided it’s time to leave. Not only does this leave a hard gap to fill, it puts the existence of our pre-school at risk. The committee are also trustees of the pre-school charity, so if we don’t have enough members on our committee, the pre-school will be forced to close.

 We are very lucky in Debenham to have such an outstanding pre-school with excellent, experienced staff. If the pre-school were to disappear it would be a huge loss, not only to those involved but to those of you looking to educate your children and the community as a whole.

This is where you come in!

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the form ( AGM nominations 2018-2019) and hand it in to the pre-school by Friday 28th September or if you would prefer, you could contact me directly (see details below). The form gives you the opportunity to nominate yourself as a parent representative, or if you would like a more active role you could also nominate yourself for Chair,  Secretary, or Treasurer.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please don’t let that put you off from nominating yourself. You don’t have to be there for your nomination to be accepted.

If you have any questions regarding any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (01728) 861748 or email; or contact a member of staff in pre-school or email the pre-school on

Remember, please don’t leave it to somebody else. Even if you can volunteer just a small amount of time to support your pre-school, this would be an enormous help.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Phaup

Chair, on behalf of the pre-school committee

Preschool Announcement

Dear Parents / Carers

I hope you are all well and having a lovely summer.  If you have seen the Committee’s Facebook page you may have noticed some news that went out recently.  A couple of weeks ago, I made the very difficult decision to hand in my notice to the Chairperson as I have been offered and accepted another job.

I have been with Roundabout for eleven years and it has been such a huge part of my life since my three children came here (albeit many years ago now!)  I started my employment here as the cleaner and I have been on my own learning journey as I completed my qualifications whilst working.

It really has been a wonderfully entertaining place to work, there is never a dull moment and I feel privileged to work with such inspiring, compassionate and dedicated Early Years Professionals.  However, it is of course the amazing children and all those within our community who really help to make working here so super special.  I will miss some of the spectacularly wonderful comments that only three and four year olds seem to say!

The Committee are currently advertising for a new Leader and Kath and I are helping with the recruitment process.  We hope to find someone as soon as possible and we can then start a handover.  I will probably be here until half term, however, if we find someone quickly, we may negotiate a different finishing date, but we will of course keep you updated.

In the meantime, I hope you all have an enjoyable last couple of weeks before the term starts.  We are looking forward to seeing you again and getting to know the new children and their families who will be joining us in September.

With kindest regards




Vacancy – Committee Treasurer

We are seeking a new member to the committee to take on the role of treasurer. We are a committee led pre-school and a registered charity.

The role of treasurer includes counting money, paying invoices, collecting fees, banking funds and even counting ducks! All of the committee are very willing to support and guide a new treasurer. We meet approximately once a half term.

The Preschool is a fantastic resource for the village and locality, but as a charity it only remains open if we have a committee of volunteers to run it.

If there is anyone with a desire to be part of the committee, know anybody who would be interested, have a numbers head on them or wish to enquire further please get in touch with Sarah Phaup via the pre-school (contact details below) or 01728 861769

Can we stay in touch? Please let us know.

We are sure you are aware that on May 25th 2018 the GDPR; a new privacy law comes into place. This means that we need you to tell us  you are happy to continue hearing from us. 

Our blogs are a great way of seeing what the children are doing during preschool, and also keeping up to date with any events and fundraising that is going on.

What you need to do…. 

Its simple; reply to this email and tell us that you would like to keep hearing from us and we will do the rest!

Please note that if we do not hear from you by May 25th we will remove your details and you will no longer receive our blogs via email.

Many Thanks