Fun with Bubbles!

This afternoon we had some bubble blowing fun in the garden.  As it was so hot we were under the tree in the shade and the children tried very hard to blow some bubbles.

Painty Goop

Today the children explored ‘goop’, they used spoons and their hands to mix the cornflower and water.  Next we added some paint and they used their hands to see how the ‘goop’ behaved.

Exploring the Light Projector

This afternoon we used the light projector in the quiet room with some coloured polyoctons and coloured shape counters.  The children made some objects from the shapes (a boat) and talked about the colours, then they discovered their shadows!

Week Beginning 22nd May 2017

This week we will be planting more beans and flowers in the garden that we have grown.  In the water this week we can play ‘under the sea’ with the sea creatures and outside we can play on the farm.

The activities this week will include:  P.E. parachute games, family portraits, Ruby the puppet, woodland play, light table/projector, goop and powder paint, laptop, junk modelling, using the sorting box, music session and a phonic disco.

Large Paper Drawing

Today we have been doing lots of drawing and writing on large pieces of paper on the floor!  Some children drew their family, some drew their favourite thing and some wrote their name.

“Splat The Word!”

We played a new phonics game today called ‘splat the word’.  We had some pictures with the word above on the floor and the children had fly swats, an adult sounded out a word and the children used their fly swat to ‘splat’ the correct picture.  It was great fun and the children listened very well.

Week Beginning 15th May 2017

This week we will continue to water our plants and watch them grow.  In the water we can ‘push, pull and squeeze’ using the pumps, pipettes and syringes, in the sand we can use the pulley to move the load in the bucket.

The activities this week will include:  group story on the field, ‘think it, draw it, build it’, splat the word, Beebot, shaving foam with paint and glitter, cooking, Library visit, a play in the woods and cars and pens.