A Special Visitor

We had a special visitor to Pre-school this afternoon, Pip’s dog Rufus came to see us.  The children asked questions about him and enjoyed stroking him.

A visit from Debenham Vets

On Tuesday we had a visit from Debenham Vets.  They brought lots of bandages, stethoscopes, hats and syringes to show us, we could try them on and ask questions about them and listen to our own and each others heartbeats.  They also brought in Millie the Tibetan Terrier for the children to stroke and the children listened to her heartbeat too.  Thank you Debenham Vets we all had a wonderful time.

Week beginning 25th April 2016

This week we are talking about and looking at different types of pets.   In the water tray this week we are squeezing and moulding paper pulp (another activity from our ‘Imps’ session).  In the sand we can fill and pour using a pulley.

The activities this week will include:  P.E. session, a visit from Debenham Vets, cutting and making animal puppets, making a giant goldfish bowl display, sensory room, music session, dog bone print pictures and sensory trays.


One of the children brought some tadpoles in today from their pond, we enjoyed watching them and looking at the book all about ‘tadpoles and frogs’.  Thank you for bringing them in.

Duck Race 2016

 “Dear Parents,
        As you are hopefully aware the Pre-School fundraiser this term is the Flying Duck Race, on Sunday 8th May at 2pm. We are looking for some volunteers to help run stalls on the day, and donate cakes/biscuits/buns for the refreshment stall. If you are able to help please contact Sarah Phaup on sarahphaup@yahoo.co.uk”

Mops in the Garden

Today we did an activity from our ‘Imps Workshop’.  We had large mops and a tray of water in the garden, the children made lots of water patterns across the paths.

Week beginning 18th April 2016

This week we are looking at ‘Polar Animals’, there are animals and facts on the table for us to investigate.

In the water we can use spray bottles to put the fires out and use number names as we play.  In the sand we can ‘dig and dump’ with trucks and use language to imagine and tell stories.

The activities this week will include:  Using the outside play equipment, playing with glittery ice, mini writing books, having a number hunt on the field, making hand print pictures, large mop water play, baking cakes, making large floor puzzles, wheel printing and playing with magnets.