Our lovely new bookcase

With money raised at the ‘duck race’ so far we have  purchased;  a new bookcase, a trike and a push-along bike,  they are already very popular with the children.  Thank you very much!

Week beginning 29th June 2015

This week our rhyme is ‘We’re going to the zoo…..!’ there is a lovely zoo and lots of animals to play with on the table.

In the sand this week there is a pulley and some buckets, we can find out about using tools for a purpose.  In the water we can fill bottles using jugs and funnels.

The activities this week will include:  drawing still life pictures and writing labels for them, practising for sports day, soapy slime, music session, playing with bubbles in the garden, using our letter bags, drawing around children and bubble printing.

Week beginning 22nd June 2015

This week our rhyme/song is ‘Old MacDonald had a farm eieio……’ there are lots of farm animals to play with and find out about.

In the water this week we are ‘doing the washing!’ and pegging it out, in the sand we can play in ‘Bob the Builder’s’ yard.

The activities this week include:  P.E. session, a blowing activity, coloured shaving foam, music session, making musical shakers, counting board games, pixie robot, painting with water in the garden, foot painting and woodwork.

A big thank you!!

With the fantastic amount of money raised at the duck race….we have purchased, a new book case for the quiet room, two new bikes and two “go wheelies”.  With the “go wheelies” we can paint with puddle water in the garden!

Thank you so much!  pictures of them being used will follow.