Week beginning 23rd March 2015

This week we’re talking about our sense of ‘sight’ and using our eyes!

In the sand this week we can make ice creams and in the water we can sing and play with 5 little speckled frogs.

Some of this weeks activities are:  easter biscuits, easter bunny hunt, shaving foam, cooking activity, story sack, easter baskets, making binnoculars and making bunny ears.


We had some noodles outside today, we put them in a bucket of water.  The children were feeling them and used lots of different words to describe their texture

New toys

We have been able to purchase some new toys from our ‘wish list’ thank you for your continued support!  This clock puzzle is very popular with the children,

Week Beginning 16th March 2015

This week we’ll be using our sense of ‘touch’ to identify objects on the table and describe their textures.

In the water this week were pouring and filling small containers/bottles and talking about size.  In the sand we’ll be searching for buried treasure using magnets.

Some of this weeks activitys are:  torch writing, food groups game, story sacks, still life painting, pasta necklaces, number board games, pixie colours, shaving foam and using the camera.