Week beginning 19th September 2016

This week our pattern is ‘stripey’. There are lots of stripey things on the table to look at and talk about.

In the water this week we can water some flowers with spray bottles, this will help to strengthen muscles and develop fine motor skills.  In the sand we can find treasure for the pirates and make stories as we play.

The activities this week will include: group P.E. session, a walk around the field to collect leaves for display pictures, woodwork, painting leaves and apples for a display, pasta necklaces, doing the Animal Boogie, visit from a photographer, making stripey pictures wth go wheelies, foot painting and bubbles, dancing and music in the garden.

This week on Thursday morning we will be having a photographer visit the group.  If you have children in Nursery/Primary School they are very welcome to come for a group sibling photo, please bring them as close to 9.00am as possible so they are not too late for school.  Additionally, if your child is not normally here on that day, you are very welcome to bring them along to be photographed, however, we would ask that you wait with them so that our staff ratios are not affected.