Throwing and catching in P.E

Today in PE we practised our throwing and catching.  After warming up, we made a circle and sang a song ‘If you’re happy and you know it, pass the ball!’ then when the song stopped, we had to try to bounce the ball to one of our friends.   We then sat down and rolled the ball to one of our friends, however this time we tried to catch the ball with our feet not our hands.

Lots of fun was then had as we each had a scarf, we turned the music up and tried balancing it on our head, arm, shoulder and back (!) as we danced round the room.   This was followed by practising our throwing and catching skills as we threw our scarves high in the air and tried hard to catch them.

We then used our scarves in our cool downs, waving them from side to side, up down and a big full body wiggle!