Tanabata wishes!

Throughout today, we have been recognising that some people in  Japan are celebrating a special festival ‘Tanabata’.
We learnt about the story behind the festival and also some of the traditions that happen at this time, including writing ‘wishes’ on colourful paper and hanging them outside from bamboo branches.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a bamboo tree in our garden, so we used the next best thing – the pergola!
We have had a great time today and lots of children have been really eager to join in, often writing their names independently, decorating the card with great care and attention.  Then, finally thinking really hard about something they’d like to wish for!  Some of the answers have been breathtaking …. here are a few for you all!
I wish for ………..
a T-Rex
big school
Mummy and Daddy
pac man
oobi-do (from the jungle book!!)
the stretchy thing from the ball pit
and finally …….. this came up twice (without any prompting!)
I wish for …… school shoes!!
We have left these beautiful, multicoloured wishes in the garden so we can continue to admire them tomorrow.