Sponsored Bunny Hop!

Yesterday the Committee held a ‘sponsored Bunny hop’ round the field to raise some money for pre-school.  The event was open to all children and their families in our pre-school to come along, get some exercise and have fun raising money for pre-school!

Everyone was given a sparkly Easter bunny on a stick and we walked round the field looking for glittery Easter Eggs hanging in the trees, this told us there were some stickers nearby that we could stick to put onto our Easter bunny.   There were lots of Maths opportunities as we counted about how many REAL rabbit holes we could find on the field and also how many stickers we had collected on our rabbits!

We were so proud of everyone that took part, despite the very cold and windy weather, everyone went round the field twice and waited patiently for stickers and some offered to help their friends by passing stickers to each other.

Well done to the Committee for organising a good, fun even and well done to everyone that took part!  We are now in the process of working out how many miles we walked and waiting for the sponsorship money to come in.   Please could monies be returned by Friday 20th April.