Nursery Rhymes

This term we are focusing on Nursery Rhymes. There are so many to learn and share together and it will coincide nicely with World Nursery Rhyme week coming up in November. 

Nursery Rhymes give a fantastic opportunity to cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and can be adapted for different ages and stages in development and learning.

They are important for language acquisition and help speech development. Discriminating between sounds and developing an ear for the music of words. This is the first stage of phonics phase 1, without having the best foundation of learning and knowledge of phase 1 children will struggle with phase 2 phonics and beyond in literacy. So as an Early Years setting we believe it is vital to ensure children have the best opportunities to provide the best foundation for their future learning.

Today the children engaged with different nursery rhymes around the setting; 5 Little ducks in the water tray. Old Mac Donald’s Farm with animals and tractors on the grassy cable drum. ‘Baking’ cakes in the kitchen role play and choosing songs from the song board at circle time. In the photo you can see some of the children made their own music by collecting items to make sounds. To hear the children burst into song at any time throughout the session is fantastic! We all listened to Baa Baa… at the lunch table today – because a child exclaimed “I want to sing to you all now!” 🙂