2nd November 2015

Dear Parents / Carers

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term, we hope you had a good week’s holiday!

As usual, our staff have been sharing observations to guide our planning and the activities we provide.  We feel that it is particularly important to recognise what inspires children to join in and understand what ignites their imagination.  Therefore, this term our themed corner will be a baby room, as babies and dolls have been frequently requested by many children (both boys and girls!).

Last term, our ‘interest table’ focused on a different colour each week.  Many of the children brought things in from home to share with the group, this was a really good way to engage children and their peers.  We found if they recognised that something ‘matches’, the group become very excited and everyone attempted to become involved in the discussion.  We have all been revising our Makaton knowledge of colours and practising these every day as a group.  We have been very impressed with children’s memory skills in remembering the signs.

This term we are focusing on shapes and talking about a different one each week, we have listed below when we will be talking about each shape.  If you would like to support your child at home, perhaps you could find different shapes around the house or garden.  If you find something when you are out and about with your child, perhaps you could take a photo of it. If you do not have a printer, please do e-mail it to us and we can print it out here with the children.  This would be an excellent way for us to support children’s ICT knowledge and could help us explain one of the purposes of a computer, our e-mail address is listed above.

Week 1 – (w/c 2nd November)  CIRCLE

Week 2 – (w/c 9th November) Divali and Remembrance Day

Week 3 – (w/c 16th November) SQUARE and RECTANGLE

Week 4 – (w/c 23rd November) TRIANGLE

Week 5 – (w/c 30th November) STAR

Week 6 – (w/c 7th December) Christmas!

Week 7 – (w/c 14th December) Christmas!

You will see that we are talking about Divali and Remembrance Day in week 2.   We feel it is important to recognise that certain times of the year are important for different families.  During this time, we will be experiencing some different foods, talking about the story of Divali and doing some craft activities to support children’s understanding.  When we talk about Remembrance Day we will be making poppies.  We will talk about our friends and how we are kind to people, how we share toys and take it in turns.  We will also talk about how we feel if we do not share toys or if we shout at people and how this makes us feel.  This week will support our ongoing commitment in demonstrating our mutual respect to children and show we welcome and value all families.

We have a busy term planned and listed below are some important dates for your diary.

December 2015

7th – Parents Evening (between 5.00pm and 7.30pm we will send out letters nearer the time)

11th – Christmas Concert at 11.00am (held in the Primary School Main Hall, more details to follow)

17th – End of Term

18th – Christmas Party between 11am – 1pm (held in the Primary School Main Hall, please note there are NO PRE-SCHOOL SESSIONS THIS DAY, more details to follow)

January 2016

5th –  Term begins
11th – Imps Creativity educational play session.
We have used some of our ‘Pupil Premium’ money to support our teaching and the educational experiences we offer to all the children.  We have arranged a tailor made, fun, practical and inspirational session for the morning.  We are inviting all parents and children to this morning session.  Our ‘teacher’ will be sharing some excellent activities that we can all do to support children’s development.  Please be advised that if your child is not normally here for the session, we would ask that you to stay with your child so that we keep our staff / child ratios safe.

We are all looking forward to another busy few weeks ahead of Christmas, if you have any questions or concerns then please feel to come and talk to any of us, do not feel you have to wait until parent’s evening.  We are always very happy to help!

With kindest regards


Pip, Kath, Jo, Beccy, Jane and Simone

Term Dates for the rest of the academic year

Tuesday 5th January 2016 to Thursday 24 March 2016
Half Term Holiday: Monday 15 February to Friday 19 February Term 2016

Monday 11 April 2016 to Thursday 21 July 2016
Half Term Holiday: Friday 27 May – Friday 3 June (please note, both Fridays are included in the half term break!)