Newsletter January 2015

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all of you for the New Year ahead! Many thanks for the good wishes and gifts we received at Christmas – we’re all going to enjoy our coffee break in the weeks ahead!!

This half term we’ll be talking about numbers and counting. We’ll be using different familiar objects in counting activities. We’ll be talking about more and less and giving the children the opportunity to work out number problems. We have a wide range of age and ability at pre-school which is why we are careful to provide varied activities. Some children will be learning to recognise the number symbols and names while others will be making comparisons between groups of numbers and beginning to add them together.

We have lots of different resources to help the children to develop these skills. We use real objects such as fruit or pencils to help the children to understand ‘more and less’. We have Pixie Robot who can be programmed to move forward and back numbers of squares to reach his destination. Each day we count how many children are at pre-school. We also talk about how many boys and girls there are as an introduction to simple addition.

We’ve planned the themed area by watching the activities which the children enjoyed over the last term. We decided that a shop would be popular as the children have been selling us ‘ice creams’ in the garden even as the temperatures dropped! We thought we’d let them sell us some groceries for a change! We will be encouraging writing skills as well as number recognition by making labels and lists.

As we use the garden nearly every day, can we remind you to send in warm clothes and a change of footwear. The garden can be very muddy and we are struggling to keep the floors clean. A pair of named wellies can be hung on your child’s peg each day and staff will help them get changed.

As our numbers have continued to grow, we have decided that we needed a new member of staff this term. We have been holding interviews and we will let you know who has been appointed. They will be working on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. This extra member of staff will ensure we continue to provide excellent staff child ratios each session.

As you know, each child has a ‘key person’ to help them settle in and to work with you to make learning individual and relevant. As children and staff change to different sessions, it may be necessary to give your child two members of staff to act as co-key people. Both will add to their Learning Journey each week but there will still be one main person who will lead planning activities and talk to you at parent evenings. We will keep you informed of any changes.

As ever, please remember that we always have time to listen to any concerns that you have about your child’s care and education. You can talk to us before or after sessions in person or by phone.

Looking forward to another year of fun and learning at Roundabout!

Best wishes,

Fiona, Kath, Pip, Jo and Beccy