Mini Beast week

We have been busy exploring and investigating mini beasts all this week. The children have been finding lots of interesting things in our garden, displaying fascination and curiosity about them.  One child commented on the spiral shape they could see on a snail shell and was able to recreate this when we made snail shaped biscuits in our cooking activity.

We looked at the caterpillars and how they are developing into their chrysalises. We are also learning about metamorphosis of a frog, the children watched a short time lapse video of a tadpole changing to a frog. One of our families kindly gave us some tadpoles to have at Preschool so we can look first hand at the different stages they make.

It has been a good opportunity to incorporate mathematics in our play too, for example, counting legs of spiders, sorting insects into bugs that fly/have wings and counting spots when making paperplate ladybirds.