Garden Update

There are exciting times ahead for the Pre-School! We are going to develop the garden area at the back of the cabin, by the sheds. It is an area of little grass, lots of mud and plenty of puddles, even with the smallest amounts of rain. The children love to use the ride-ons in this area, but struggle to go across the mud.  (picture above)

The plan is to dig out and put artificial turf down. This will be useable in all weathers and for a variety  of activities – ball games; races; ride-on use; obstacle course; stepping stones to name but a few.

As a committee, we spent time last summer taking down the wooden structure that was in this area, so we are now ready to dig the ground. One stumbling block MONEY!  We have a target of £3000 to raise in order to do this job.  We are applying for grants to assist us and organising fundraising events.  At the start of the year we did a sponsored toddle, this raised an amazing £600, thank you to everyone who helped. Just a few weeks ago we had our annual Flying Duck Race, raising £866.74. We have had a wonderful donation from Farthings Funerals. We are in the process of organising a Camel Racing night in November (11th, please put it in your diary)!  We are also part of the Green Token scheme in the Co-op at the moment.  Every time you are there please ask for a token and put it in our slot, every penny counts!

Our second project is to move the steps into the garden, so they do not lead straight out of the door, or are as steep.  This is a carpentry job, are there any carpenters out there who can help?

We would like to ask if there are any parents/friends/relatives out there who may be able to help with sponsorship to the project, donations, or labour and materials.  Does anyone have any skills they can offer in order to help us with these projects?  Can anyone organise, or help organise a fundraising event to help us reach our target?

This is an ongoing project but it is a reality!  Please come forward if you are able to assist in any form.

We can be contacted on or

We look forward to hearing from you,


Sarah Phaup

Chair of Pre-school Committee