Exciting news!

Within the past 24 hours we have received some very exciting news!  Firstly, today we have received a wonderful donation of £500.00 from Farthing Funeral Service in Debenham to get us underway for the garden project.  We invited Liz and Andrea from Farthings to come and meet the staff and children and we had a photo opportunity as a group to celebrate!  They are delighted to be able to help a local charity and we have invited them to come again to see us, especially when the garden is finished!

Secondly, we have been accepted on to the Community Token Scheme at the Co-op.  From the 1st April to the end of June Debenham, Framlingham and Eye shops we will have a collection box in each store for customers to donate their tokens.   We are hoping this will also make a good financial contribution to the garden project.