Baby Boot Camp

Before the half term break, Faye kindly returned to pre school for another instalment of baby boot camp! We had races to warm up both our bodies and tune in our listening skills! Then we had an enormous ball to push across the garden using a filled water bottle to help our arm muscles strengthen.

Faye introduced a very heavy ball (5kg) which  we pushed in-between cones and then all the way back again.  (We had to listen very hard how to do this, and we learnt how to keep ourselves safe by not lifting the ball as it was too heavy!)
Another activity was ‘Target practice’ – throwing as many balls as we could into buckets this was good for arm strength, hand/eye coordination and team building (especially to pick them all back up when we’d run out!)  and of course, counting skills.
Faye encouraged us to do lots of jumping (both feet together) all the way along a very long (and heavy!) wiggly snake then running back to the beginning to start all over again!