A special visit

Just want to say a big thank you to Peter Wilson from the Debenham Veterinary Practice who kindly visited us today with his very excellent assistant, sharing lots of interesting facts about animals and the amazing things that vets do to help them. They also brought a friendly dog with them called Ida. (I hope that is the correct spelling!?)

The children had the opportunity to listen to Ida’s heart using a stethoscope. They learnt that vets look after all kinds of animals and were shown some of the clothing they wear to perform operations – scrubs, face masks, hats and gloves.  This was great to support and extend their learning from the vets’ theme corner the children have been engaging with during this term.

We are so lucky to have lots of amazing people in Debenham who are willing to share experiences and talk to the children about their local community. Thank you! 🙂