A new bike has arrived!

You may remember that Abbott’s Hardware very kindly held a raffle at Christmas to fundraise for the pre-school.  After much deliberation we decided that our wheeled toys needed updating especially as they are always very popular.  Whilst they can be very expensive, some of the better quality, sturdy ones do last a long time (we have had one for over 15 years!)

We have decided to replace a couple of them which are no longer usable.   We have purchased a new trike complete with transporter!  As you can imagine, the children have been very inventive with what (who!) they can move around the garden.   This has been a brilliant way to develop some turn taking skills.  We’ve talked about speeds and children have developed their ability to use pedals (and steer!).  They have also used their imagination as they ‘wait for the school bus’ and then wave goodbye to us as they head off in the back of the transporter!

We have also bought a scooter, however, unfortunately, the wrong one was delivered, so we are chasing this up and we hope to have a photo for you soon.