30 Hours Free Childcare – applications for summer term

30 Hours Free Childcare – applications for summer term

Parents please apply now so you get your code in good time. HMRC sometimes need more information from the parent to check whether they are eligible, so parents should allow time for this to ensure a valid code is received well ahead of the termly deadline (31 March 2019).

If you have a valid code for your child for the summer term and it is the first time they will be eligible, please could you bring the code to pre-school before the 31st March so that we can confirm their eligibility. If the code is not checked before the deadline of March 31st your child will not be eligible until the Autumn Term. Anna will also need a parental consent form filled out to be able to check new codes so please ask for one when you bring in your code.

Reconfirmation  Parents who already have a 30 Hour code please reconfirm their eligibility.

In the Summer Term we shall be doing our funding forms slightly differently.  If your child’s hours will not change at all from the previous term, we will only require you to sign the summer term section of the previous forms that we have at pre-school. However, if your child’s hours are changing for the summer term then we shall need a new form to be filled out.

Once sessions are confirmed, forms will be generated for those parents who need them and handed out at the beginning of term. Anna will just be chasing the rest of you for signatures once we return for the Summer Term!

If you have any queries pleased ask,

Many thanks,