Meet Our Committee

Sarah Phaup My name is Sarah Phaup and I am the Chair for the Pre-school. I have 2 children, Archie is in reception and William is currently at pre-school. I have been a member of the committee since March 2015. I have helped with teas and coffees at parents evenings, and Christmas show, baked cakes etc for Duck Races and Summer Sizzlers. I have also helped to organise the Duck Race. We as a family were new to the village in 2014 and have met many new people through the Pre-School.

Jenny BendallMy name is Jenny Bendall and  I am Secretary of the Roundabout Preschool Committee.
I moved to Debenham in late 2015 with my husband, Paul, and my three children; Amelia (aged 11), Lily (aged 5) and Edward (aged 3). Both younger children have had the joy of attending our wonderful Preschool and, although I initially joined the Committee to meet other parents after moving up from Essex, I am very happy to be able to contribute to the fundraising, admin and decision making aspects now.I work most days of the week in a self-employed, sales role where I travel around East Anglia so, like many mums, my life is pretty busy juggling family, managing the house and working but I try and help the preschool where I can. I’ve baked cakes, served teas and coffees, sold raffle tickets and typed up a lot of minutes and agendas but it’s always great fun doing these things with the fantastic preschool staff and Committee members.

My name is Paul Bendall and I am a parent representative and responsible for all things Maintenance. I have 3 children; Amelia is at DHS in Year 7, Elizabeth at SRH in Year 1 and Edward in Nursery/Preschool. I work for an Investment Bank in London, with 3 days spent in London and two days at home. Although my free time is limited, I am still able to contribute to the committee when available and also assist where needed with opinions and advice. I’ve come to realise that being a committee member doesn’t mean I have to have loads of free time to be able to help.I have been a member of the committee for over a year now and have helped with numerous fund raising events in that time. Since moving up from Essex in November 2015, we have made some great friends and met some amazing people. Joining the committee has played a major part in this and has helped us to now feel a real part of the village community.

Sarah WattsMy name is Sarah Watts and I am a Parent Representative on the Preschool Committee. I have two children, Arthur and George and we moved to Debenham from Colchester in April 2016. I joined the Committee in September 2016 as a way of helping us settle into village life. I have really enjoyed getting stuck in helping at the fundraisers throughout the year and Arthur, George and I have been very lucky to have made some solid friendships.

Julie NelsonMy name is Julie Nelson and I am a parent representative on the committee, I have a son Stanley, who is 4 and now in reception but he loved preschool so much that it made me want to get involved in the committee to be able to give something back. We have a good bunch on the committee at the moment, people I would now class as friends, and everyone supports and helps out with everything that needs doing but we can always use more helpers!!

Lauren Appell My name is Lauren Appell, I am a parent representative on the committee. I joined the committee in October 2016. I have two boys; Andrew and James. We moved to the area in March 2016, and since joining the committee I have met some great people and enjoyed helping wherever I can to raise the important funds for the preschool.

Ashley BuckleMy name is Ashley Buckle and I am a parent representative on the preschool committee. I have one son, Rudy, who attends the preschool. I have been a member of the committee since October 2016 and have helped out with teas and coffees at parents evening, fundraising and selling refreshments at the Christmas concert, the annual duck race, sports day and the summer sizzler. It’s been great to meet new people and help raise money for our lovely preschool.

My name is Milly Thomas and I am a parent representative, my daughter very happily joined the Pre-school in September 2016. As a family we felt especially fortunate to be able to send her to such a caring and stimulating setting and so I joined the committee in 2017 in order to try to give something back. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to learn lots more about the pre-school and meet all those involved in its success.

My name is Emily Hannah and I am a parent represenative. I have two children, Finn (3), who’s just started preschool, and Reilly (1) who’s enjoying some quality 1-1 time in those preschool hours. As a new member of the committee, I’ve as yet to get stuck in with much, but I’m hoping to help out as much as I can in fundraising events, and supporting all that happens and hopes to happen at the preschool. I’ve only been living in the village since April 2017, but having been part of and working for the Forge Community Church for seven years, I’ve got a real heart and passion for things happening here in the community.

My name is Gordon Coe and I am a parent representative. I joined the committee in January 2018 to try and give something back to the people who have helped my children. I have 2 children; Darcy who is in his second year of Pre-school and Esther who is in her first year. I’m a keen athlete and athletics coach and am the head coach at Diss Athletics club. I look forward to helping raise money for the various projects that go on!