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Mark making

A group of children spent time outside at the easel,  engaging in lots of mark making. They played colaberatively, conversing about what they were doing and developing their friendships. Mark making simply refers to the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes.  Mark making can also represent a child’s thoughts and ideas. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves creatively and allows them to communicate their feelings through their drawings.

Library Visits

We like to support our local library and visit regularly. The children enjoy choosing and looking at books either independently or by listening  to them being read.

We have also been lucky enough to be joined by some of the year 6 class at the primary school in the afternoons at preschool.  The year 6’s  have been ‘reading buddies’.  This  gives the children a head start and helps to prepare them for school.

We have also noticed that these sessions lead to children asking questions about the books and the information within, giving chance to speak about what is happening and using these as good learning experiences.

Reading is also an easy way to help their language skills and develop their fluency. There is nothing better to see when all the children (big and small!) are sitting on the grass together,  listening to stories and chatting about them 🙂


Healthy Eating Week

Last week was Healthy Eating Week. The children engaged in lots of Healthy themed activities to think about looking after our bodies . In our P.E session we found ways to keep our bodies moving and active by skipping, hopping, jumping, throwing and catching. We also talked about the importance of resting and eating breakfast.

We have also been looking at books by Julia Donaldson and last week was ‘The Gruffalo’.  We incorporated healthy eating with this by cooking ‘Gruffalo Crumble’. The children measured ingredients and prepared a fruity desert to take home.


We had lots of pyjama themed fun at the library this morning, singing nursery rhymes, adding stickers to story books and snuggling down in our pyjamas to listen to A Busy Day For Birds. We also ate moon and star shaped biscuits which the children had made – all to celebrate bedtime stories.

The children were given a free book to take home called Car, Car, Truck, Jeep by Katrina Charman and Nick Sharratt courtesy of BookTrust.

Many thanks to Maureen from Debenham library who warmly invited us to the event and made us feel very welcome. We are looking forward to more activities at the library next month and we will continue to make regular visits during the term.



New Mud Kitchen!

We were all very excited to use the new mud kitchen for the first time today! Here are some of the comments from the children I noted down to share with you…

“Who made it?. They are good at building!” 

“We’re making cup cakes -loads of cup cakes!”

It’s yucky, but it’s a rainbow cake”

“We love the mud kitchen!”

Definitely a positive response and I am sure we will continue to get lots more learning opportunities from it while having fun getting muddy! 🙂

Mini Beast week

We have been busy exploring and investigating mini beasts all this week. The children have been finding lots of interesting things in our garden, displaying fascination and curiosity about them.  One child commented on the spiral shape they could see on a snail shell and was able to recreate this when we made snail shaped biscuits in our cooking activity.

We looked at the caterpillars and how they are developing into their chrysalises. We are also learning about metamorphosis of a frog, the children watched a short time lapse video of a tadpole changing to a frog. One of our families kindly gave us some tadpoles to have at Preschool so we can look first hand at the different stages they make.

It has been a good opportunity to incorporate mathematics in our play too, for example, counting legs of spiders, sorting insects into bugs that fly/have wings and counting spots when making paperplate ladybirds.

Science week

This week we have been celebrating science week! This has given lots of opportunities to experiment and investigate!

We have been planting cress seeds and talked about growth and changes over time. We have also made some amazing bubble pictures with paint.

The children have investigated the properties of different substances by discovering what happens when we mix, paints, liquids and substances together.  On Thursday we made ‘magic milk’ adding dish soap to milk and drops of food colouring to watch the colours rapidly disperse in a dish – making the colours dance.

The children were also busy making ‘wave discovery bottles’ adding oil and blue food colouring to water with sparkles and shells. Today we finished the week making fizzy colour explosions, using vinegar food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. Watching the colours fizz together when adding vinegar using pipettes.

We hope the children had as much fun as we did! Hopefully they will share their experiences with you and chat about it at home 🙂


All weather play equipment

Today we couldn’t go to the hall for PE as the big school children have some busy and very important writing to do (ie SATS!!) so instead, we used the all weather play equipment to challenge the children’s physical ability.

This is a great way to build confidence on the not so familiar climbing equipment, we find that children are sometimes  a little apprehensive with some areas of this activity area.  However, today we saw lots of jumping, running, climbing, balancing, sharing, turn taking and encouraging amongst friends – it is a joy to see children realise they can do it when faced with a challenge and see the pride in their own achievements.

Bye bye butterflies!

It was great for the children learn about metamorphosis – to watch the caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

Today we opened the mesh habitat and released the butterflies out into the wild! The children were very excited and tried to follow where they flew to.

Next time you are in the garden see if they can spot some butterflies – it may just be one of theirs!


Moving to music

Today the children were creating movement in response to music. They had great fun dancing, very impressively in different ways and were able to teach the staff some moves – flossing – I will leave that with you  😀