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All weather play equipment

Today we couldn’t go to the hall for PE as the big school children have some busy and very important writing to do (ie SATS!!) so instead, we used the all weather play equipment to challenge the children’s physical ability.

This is a great way to build confidence on the not so familiar climbing equipment, we find that children are sometimes  a little apprehensive with some areas of this activity area.  However, today we saw lots of jumping, running, climbing, balancing, sharing, turn taking and encouraging amongst friends – it is a joy to see children realise they can do it when faced with a challenge and see the pride in their own achievements.

Bye bye butterflies!

It was great for the children learn about metamorphosis – to watch the caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

Today we opened the mesh habitat and released the butterflies out into the wild! The children were very excited and tried to follow where they flew to.

Next time you are in the garden see if they can spot some butterflies – it may just be one of theirs!


Moving to music

Today the children were creating movement in response to music. They had great fun dancing, very impressively in different ways and were able to teach the staff some moves – flossing – I will leave that with you  😀

Soft play

The children enjoyed the soft play last week, they had great fun! Lots of important developmental moves which help children to:

  • get a feel for themselves in their body
  • feel right in their skin
  • coordinate their movement
  • take ‘safe’ risks and build their confidence
  • learn to take care of themselves and others


Your Child’s Learning Journey

Thank you for taking the time to join us either at parent’s evening or during session times to discuss about your child’s development.

Sharing Learning Journeys with you and your child gives the chance to celebrate what they have achieved and helps us to look at ways of building on their current interests and achievements.

You can view your child’s learning at any time before or after session, just speak to a member of staff.

Outdoor Learning

Good to be back! Today the children spent time in our woodland area. Our colour of the week is white so the children spotted some remnants of white snow and also some beautiful white snow drops – spring is on the way – yay!

We also added hammers and nails to our woodland activities,  supporting  the children to explore boundaries and learn how to use tools safely.  This activity also helps to develop precise fine motor skills to benefit when ready for writing.