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Aqua Play

Having fun in the garden with the Aqua Play, watching the water wheels turn and pumping water in and out of the lock!

Week beginning 7th July 2014

Our focus book this week is ‘Monkey Puzzle’.  We’ll be looking at Mummy’s and babies and whether they are always alike?!

In the water this week we have bubbles and whisks and there are letter moulds in the sand.

We’ll be playing with Pixie Robot and Peppa Pig, doing some woodwork, using the Gruffalo story sack, playing some board games and testing our memory’s with Kim’s game.

There will be another practice of our sports day before the real thing on Saturday 12th July.


Week ending 4th July 2014

We enjoyed having ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ as our focus book this week, the inflatable ‘Gerald’ was a popular toy throughout the week!  The children enjoyed playing in the Dinosaur swamp, naming Dinosaurs and building stories around them.

Lots of fishing was done in the water with nets to catch fish and hooks to catch boats.

The children have played on the new laptop this week, playing games and drawing pictures.  They have also played with shaving foam making pictures and patterns and made junk models.  Our new walkie talkies arrived and the children enjoyed using them in the garden to talk to each other.  On Thursday we went for a nature walk around the school field looking for things we had pictures of.   We also had a visit from some Chickens, the children were very excited to see the Chickens and were very gentle when stroking and holding them.  The paper aeroplane’s activity was very popular, once their plane was made they flew it in the garden.

Week beginning 30th June 2014

This week our focus book is ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’, we’ll be reading the book and talking about the animals in the story.

In the sand this week we have a ‘Dinosaur Swamp’ and in the water we’ll be using nets to catch animals and hooks to catch boats.

Our other activities this week include using the laptop to draw and print pictures, painting pictures outside with rollers, using walkie talkies and microphones, having a nature hunt, playing in the sensory room and practicing for Sports Day.



Week ending 27th June 2014

This week on Tuesday we had our summer outing to Banham Zoo, the children and adults all had a fabulous (and quite tiring) time.  The children have been drawing their favourite animals and writing titles for their pictures.

The ‘bathing babies’ in the water tray has been a very popular activity this week, with the children finding out all about water levels.  The children have also enjoyed playing board games and making models.

In the nice weather on Friday we had another practice for our Sports Day (12th July 2014).  Hopefully the weather from now until the end of term will be kind to us, looking forward to another fun week of learning.