Ice Painting

Children learn best when given time to be able to explore and investigate.  This week one of the activities we provided came from a discovery from the children, they had found some ice outside in the preschool garden and were talking about it to each other “I think it looks like glass” “Does it break?” So we decided to freeze food colouring for the children to explore the properties of ice further while experimenting with colours.

Children need lots of first-hand experiences to develop skills and concepts through play. They met the activity with lots of enthusiasm and it provided plenty of discussions. We put a little salt on the ice to speed up the melting process and it produced some interesting patterns which the children observed.

We will display the pictures up on the wall for your child to show you and talk about them.

Woodland Mornings

We have enjoyed our woodland mornings this half term, engaging in lots of outdoor activities.

This week the children put on the preschool waterproof suits and ventured over to the woods.  We found that ‘Mr Rubbish’ had been up to mischief and had made a mess!  The children worked together to help collect all of the items that Mr Rubbish had left lying around and put them in the recycling bin – sorting and thinking about keeping their environment clean and tidy.

Later, at story time we read a book called ‘Michael Recycle’ where the green caped crusader rescues the town from rubbish and proves that recycling can actually be quite good fun! But the children knew that already! 🙂

Online Safety

With Safer Internet Day being celebrated this week on the 5th of February, we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to the children about online safety.

This was  talked about in a simple, fun and  understandable way, appropriate to their age group. We read a story called Smartie the Penguin where the children joined in with Mummy Penguin’s song and followed the adventures of Smartie the Penguin as he learned how to be safe on the internet.

Please click on link if you would like any further information, you can also find the Smartie the Penguin resource here

This week

We have started the week off with an energetic P.E lesson! The children have been moving in a variety of ways including, marching, wobbling, skipping and hopping.  We are grateful to be able to utilise the space that the school can provide  giving opportunity for the children to develop their physical skills, which is key to their health and well-being.

Tuesday we will be talking about the Chinese New Year, this is a good way to help children understand one another’s cultures and beliefs in a diverse and vibrant world.  We can bring festivals to life with a range of activities for the children to engage in.  We will serving noodles at snack time, making paper lanterns and paper plate pigs to celebrate the Year of the Pig.

The children have also been busy creating a new display for the Preschool.  They have been decorating large alphabet letters with writing, pictures and photos.   As all children will be having an input in this we are adding to it all the time!

We endeavour to venture outside every day so please remember to bring warm clothes suitable for the outdoors and a spare change of clothing incase the children get wet or muddy.

Thank you.

Rachel 🙂


P.E Sessions

We are enjoying our P.E sessions at the school hall this term. The children have been learning about the importance of warm-ups, stretching and the way our heart beats faster when we are active.

During the sessions we have also been learning about colours  and thinking about the way different animals move.  It has also been great to see the children grow in independence and confidence by getting familiar with the change of surroundings and practising getting dressed into their P.E clothes.

Severe weather!

Dear Parents/Carers,
Looking at weather forecasts ahead and possibly in the coming weeks, we thought it might be a good idea to remind you that if the weather turns very bad we will obviously strive to remain open.  However, if the weather is very severe and we have concerns about children/staff safety travelling to or from pre-school, we may have to make the decision to close.
Additionally, during such times, if Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School is closed due to severe weather, then we too will also be closed.    Please be assured, that we will update our website and contact families at the earliest opportunity should we have to make the decision to close pre-school. 
Could we take this opportunity to remind you that children are given the choice to play outside even in the snow, therefore, please could you send lots of warm clothes especially coats, gloves and hats along with a spare change of clothes in case they get wet whilst playing in the garden.
Thank you for your help!

This Week

We have had a fun packed week at pre-school.  We have been looking at the Sense – Taste. The children helped prepare snack and try the different tastes of fruits, from sweet juicy apples to sour lemons! Getting them to think about their likes and dislikes and practising their cutting skills, safely.

We have again been enjoying the dry sunny weather and spent time at the woodland area. Kath organised lots of activities to keep us active and busy! The children engaged in painting with mud where they had the freedom to make marks while exploring their environment.

Wednesday we had a visit from the dental nurse Esther, showing us how we keep our teeth healthy in a fun way! We listened to the foods that are better for our teeth with the help from Hector, Esther’s dog puppet. She also taught us a song to explain the best way to brush our teeth.  The children were able to dress up as dentists, patients and nurses to familiarise them with a visit to the dentist.

We are looking forward to another fun packed week ahead! P.E will be back at the hall on Monday.  🙂


A polite notice

On request from the primary school

Could parents/carers please wait for the double gates near the Dining Hall to be unlocked at 3.00pm before coming onto the playground to collect their children from Pre-School.

The pedestrian gate should only be used by parents/carers collecting from Nursery and Pre-School at lunchtime.  Just to add, if you do need to collect  children early for appointments etc then it’s fine for you to access the pedestrian gate.

Many thanks.

Woodland Morning

This week we enjoyed our first woodland morning of the new year. We were blessed with sunny and dry weather too! The children explored their surroundings and were excellent at keeping to the flagged areas.

A group of children decided to try out fishing using bows and sat for an extended amount of time, chatting together about whether they may catch a fish 🙂

Creating and thinking critically ‘children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas, and develop strategies for doing things’ (DfE 2012)