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Help Needed

We are a committee-run Pre-School where members can join whether they have children attending the Pre-School or not. Is there anyone out there interested in being part of the committee or helping us from a treasurer’s side?
We often have positions open up in addition to the normal committee posts and this month we are on the lookout for someone to take up the role of Treasurer.
We are also in need of someone with carpentry skills who might be willing to spare some time to help repair the rotting frame of the entrance ramp to the Pre-School that is long overdue.
Please feel free to get in touch via the Pre-School, or direct to if you would like more information about any items detailed above.
Thanks The Committee

Bunny Hop Sponsor Money

Thank you to all those that took part in the sponsored bunny hop. Please can I remind you that sponsor money is due in by Friday 20th April (1st Friday after the Easter holidays). Please feel free to drop off at pre school earlier if you have it.
We will keep you posted on a final finishing figure when we have all money in.
Thank you for your continued support
The Committee

Peter Rabbit and his friends have been hiding in the woods!

This morning we went to the woods, we had a surprise that Peter Rabbit and his friends had been nibbling some carrots and were then hiding in the woods, so we had to find them all and bring them back so they were all together again.

We had to be very creative looking for our hidden friends, running carefully so we didn’t fall over, however, always remembering that we don’t go past the orange triangles on the ground which we mark out as our boundary.

It was an ideal opportunity to talk about the things we had noticed, e.g, the snowdrops not looking quite as perky as in previous weeks!  We also had a chance to practice our counting skills and check to see if we had found all the rabbits or if we needed to search for any more.

Baby Boot Camp

On Thursday we had a visit from Faye who put us all through our paces – showing us ways to keep active.  The children enjoyed the outside exercises – warm-ups, races, boxing with sparing gloves and stretching.


Sponsored Bunny Hop!

Yesterday the Committee held a ‘sponsored Bunny hop’ round the field to raise some money for pre-school.  The event was open to all children and their families in our pre-school to come along, get some exercise and have fun raising money for pre-school!

Everyone was given a sparkly Easter bunny on a stick and we walked round the field looking for glittery Easter Eggs hanging in the trees, this told us there were some stickers nearby that we could stick to put onto our Easter bunny.   There were lots of Maths opportunities as we counted about how many REAL rabbit holes we could find on the field and also how many stickers we had collected on our rabbits!

We were so proud of everyone that took part, despite the very cold and windy weather, everyone went round the field twice and waited patiently for stickers and some offered to help their friends by passing stickers to each other.

Well done to the Committee for organising a good, fun even and well done to everyone that took part!  We are now in the process of working out how many miles we walked and waiting for the sponsorship money to come in.   Please could monies be returned by Friday 20th April.

Your Child’s Learning Journey

Thank you for taking the time to join us either at parent’s evening or during session times to discuss about your child’s development.

Sharing Learning Journeys with you and your child gives the chance to celebrate what they have achieved and helps us to look at ways of building on their current interests and achievements.

You can view your child’s learning at any time before or after session, just speak to a member of staff.

A new bike has arrived!

You may remember that Abbott’s Hardware very kindly held a raffle at Christmas to fundraise for the pre-school.  After much deliberation we decided that our wheeled toys needed updating especially as they are always very popular.  Whilst they can be very expensive, some of the better quality, sturdy ones do last a long time (we have had one for over 15 years!)

We have decided to replace a couple of them which are no longer usable.   We have purchased a new trike complete with transporter!  As you can imagine, the children have been very inventive with what (who!) they can move around the garden.   This has been a brilliant way to develop some turn taking skills.  We’ve talked about speeds and children have developed their ability to use pedals (and steer!).  They have also used their imagination as they ‘wait for the school bus’ and then wave goodbye to us as they head off in the back of the transporter!

We have also bought a scooter, however, unfortunately, the wrong one was delivered, so we are chasing this up and we hope to have a photo for you soon.

Outdoor Learning

Good to be back! Today the children spent time in our woodland area. Our colour of the week is white so the children spotted some remnants of white snow and also some beautiful white snow drops – spring is on the way – yay!

We also added hammers and nails to our woodland activities,  supporting  the children to explore boundaries and learn how to use tools safely.  This activity also helps to develop precise fine motor skills to benefit when ready for writing.