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The children are making excellent use of the astro turf area. Today they utilised the space to create a race track using large plastic piping.  I observed the group of children talking about their ideas with each other and showing their excitement by jumping up and down! One child said “This is the best ever!”

It reminded me of an article I read in Nursery World ‘Creativity in the Construction Area’ – creativity isn’t just about painting and music it is about thinking imaginatively, being resourceful and seeing potential for imaginative play in everyday objects.

Through creativity children begin to make sense of their world, to connect with others and to develop an inner strength that will help them to deal with life’s many challenges.

Painting bugs to decorate pre-school

This term we have turned the themed corner into a bug hunt investigation area!  We have already had lots of fun digging for all sorts of small animals and used magnifying glasses and small pots to look closely at our findings.

This afternoon the children have been very brave and creative and made some pictures of small insects to help decorate our pre-school. They studied ladybirds, grasshoppers, spiders, beetles, ladybirds and caterpillars, we talked about the shapes of the bodies, if they had legs and what colour they were.

The children then chose one and tried really hard to paint it all by themselves, making sure they used the right colours and thinking about the sorts of shapes they needed to paint .  We have had some wonderful masterpieces which we are all very proud of!  The pictures are currently drying and will be on display in a couple of days.

Chinese New Year

Gōng xǐ fā cái  – A Chinese greeting  to wish wealth and prosperity! To finish our week of Chinese New Year the children enjoyed noodles at snack time. It gave them the opportunity to try something new while sitting with their friends and chatting together.

We wish you a happy and safe half term week!  See you back on Monday 19th February  🙂

Marble Painting

Today the children spent time with a painting activity, rolling marbles in paint. With our Chinese theme in mind, we looked at pictures and talked about which colours  we could use. The children noticed that red and gold were prominent colours when celebrating Chinese New Year.

They had fun rolling, tipping and shaking, listening to the sounds the marbles made in the tin and also noticing changes and patterns on their paper.

Chinese Writing

Throughout the day we have been learning about Chinese New Year and how this is a special celebration for some families across the world.  We have looked at our globe to see where we live and also where China is and we talked about how we long it might take us to get there in an aeroplane!   In PE we had a simplified version of the story behind Chinese New Year and learned about the twelve different animals that each year is named after.  We then moved in different ways like some of the animals.

This afternoon, we looked at some Chinese writing and noticed that it looks quite different to ours.  We talked about some of the colours that are considered lucky and we had a go at copying some of the Chinese script.

Tomorrow, we are making our own vegetable spring rolls to take home.

Week Beginning 5th February

For this week’s interest table Jane has been busy putting together items for Chinese New Year.  The 2018 Chinese New Year begins on  on Friday 16th February and is the Year of The Dog.  We will be talking about different Chinese foods and looking at Chinese writing/characters.

We are back in the hall for P.E Monday. Keeping our bodies warm and active! Please bring a change of clothes, e.g jogging bottoms , t-shirt and plimsolls.

It’s looking like a cold week ahead so wrap up warm and bring welly boots – just in case we see the white stuff!


Muddy Memories

Playing in the mud! It was a joy to watch the children having so much fun in the mud –  making magical muddy memories. (I’m sure we all remember making mud pies in our younger days!) Here the children soon learnt that if you stood still your boots would get stuck!

Amongst the laughter and “where is my boot?!”  The children were practising learning skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication and sharing as they worked together.

(Next weeks muddy activity – Find Pip’s Boot…?!)    😉

Writing Skills

The children enjoyed sensory and manipulative play, using shaving foam. While having fun getting messy, the children were building physical skills to get them ready for writing. Squishing and squashing using their fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Exploring the different marks they made in the foam.

There was lots of chatting while they were exploring – communicating through their play. Discussing textures and ideas while getting very messy!  🙂

Week beginning 29th January 2018

We are continuing to talk about different ways in which we can keep ourselves healthy and well. This week our interest table is Food for Energy!  We are looking at the types of food we eat to give our bodies the fuel they need.

Monday – There will be no P.E session this week.  We will be making yummy creations in a cooking activity in the morning – cooking foods that give us energy! Monday afternoon we will be doing a ‘tuning into sounds activity’ where the children can experience and appreciate rhythm and rhyme and develop  awareness of this in their speech.


Visit to the library

Today we went to the library. The children were keen to look at the books and listen to stories. They were able to choose a book to take back to Pre-School using a library card. The children had the opportunity to use the computer to scan their chosen book “The Shark in the Park on a Windy Day” which Kath read at story time.