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Bubbly fun on the field!!

Today, at the beginning of our PE session we had lots of bubble tubes out on the field.   The children were really good at sharing and taking it in turns to use them and we soon discovered that the wind makes bubbles travel very quickly!!!  Nonetheless, this was an ideal opportunity to practise our running skills to catch up with them and also our jumping to try to reach them before they floated off too high!

After our bubbly fun, we attempted a relay race practice ahead of sports day!  Again, the children listened to lots of instructions, they tried really hard to remember what number cone to run to and which group they had to run back to. Everyone ran as fast as they could and they clapped and cheered their friends on giving them lots of encouragement and support.

Active Learning

We introduced some real tools in our activities last week.

Initially you may think swapping lightweight plastic toys to the real thing may be rather risky!  But in doing so we encourage the children to handle tools carefully.

Giving the children first hand real play experiences has great benefits; It encourages children to play and explore, develops risk assessing for themselves and promotes responsibility and independence.  There are many more benefits to list  but more importantly they find using real tools more fun and exciting! 🙂

Cake donations please

Requesting donations of cakes please!

We are running a refreshments stall at the Summer Sizzler on Friday 6th July.  Donations of cup cakes and biscuits and scones etc would be lovely. Not too much savoury as there is a BBQ there as well.

Thank you very much  🙂

This week – the letter A

Today, we had another sports day practice, this time on the school field, and again we are really proud of how well all the children cheered their friends on when they were taking part in the races.

This afternoon, we have carried on our S-A-T-P-I-N display, as we are focusing on the the letter ‘A’ this week and the sound it makes, the children have made some beautifully painted apples to hang up in the cabin.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely half term break!

Could you please bring in your unwanted kitchen roll tubes within the first couple of weeks this term to help with our new themed area.  Thank you!

Baby Boot Camp

Before the half term break, Faye kindly returned to pre school for another instalment of baby boot camp! We had races to warm up both our bodies and tune in our listening skills! Then we had an enormous ball to push across the garden using a filled water bottle to help our arm muscles strengthen.

Faye introduced a very heavy ball (5kg) which  we pushed in-between cones and then all the way back again.  (We had to listen very hard how to do this, and we learnt how to keep ourselves safe by not lifting the ball as it was too heavy!)
Another activity was ‘Target practice’ – throwing as many balls as we could into buckets this was good for arm strength, hand/eye coordination and team building (especially to pick them all back up when we’d run out!)  and of course, counting skills.
Faye encouraged us to do lots of jumping (both feet together) all the way along a very long (and heavy!) wiggly snake then running back to the beginning to start all over again!

Tractor Visit

On Thursday we welcomed a big tractor into the school playground, kindly brought in by Farmer Tom Styles.

The children were able to get up close and appreciate the enormity of the tractor! Farmer Tom talked about what it was used for and how the machinery worked. The children were able to climb up into the cab and have a look around – very exciting!

We feel very lucky to have people who give up a bit of their time to talk to us about our community and where we live. This can only promote a better understanding and appreciation among the children of the issues concerning the countryside, agriculture, the environment, where food comes from and food production.

A big thank you!

We had an enormously successful Duck Race this year! We raised a whopping £1135 which will go towards funding some exciting activities for the children in the next year. 

The pre-school staff and committee would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and friends who joined us on Sunday and especially to all the local businesses (listed below) who helped make the day such a success by generously donating prizes. 

Hog and Hen farm shop 
Simply stylish 
Hollow trees farm
River green cafe 
Palfrey and Hall 
Stonham barns 
Ruby & the Angel 
Vanilla bake house
Jo Cobley
We would also like to say a huge thank you to the local firefighters and Family Styles for providing additional entertainment with the fire engine and tractor experiences!

Important reminder about grapes

Just a reminder to chop up grapes and cherry tomatoes if adding them to your child’s lunch box.

There have been recent reports about the dangers of feeding children under 5 whole grapes (and cherry tomatoes) Grapes are the third most common cause of death in children under 5.  This is due to children choking on whole grapes.

Parents, carers and health professionals need to be aware and cut the grapes in half before given to children.  This is practised at pre school and we do cut grapes if we see them in lunch boxes.  However, we would rather they came already cut for your child’s safety and so we can continue to supervise all children during lunch sessions without leaving the table to cut fruit in the kitchen.

Thank you 🙂