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School Ready

At this time we would be enjoying events together such as sports day and a trip to the zoo, and stay and play sessions with families and their children. These are just some of the things we do to celebrate at the end of term all the achievements we have had the pleasure to observe together at preschool over the term.

The end of term is a time to reflect and celebrate how the children have grown, not just in height but grown in confidence, resilience and independence – all key attributes to have an increased chance of settling well into school life, when the time comes.

Is my child ready to start school? 

This is something which parents ask themselves and must be more of a concern during this time when we are unable to plan transition visits and prepare children to move from one setting to the other.

We are very lucky to be on the primary school grounds where children can get familiar with a school environment , whether it is attending PE sessions in the school hall or joining together for school events.  So our transitioning really begins when children start here at preschool, even without children realising it!

It is important to remember that all children develop at their own pace and as long as children are supported in their work towards self-care and self-regulation that is the very best that can be done. The rest will come in time.

Good social and emotional skills will ensure that children have a solid foundation  on which to build their skills, giving them the best possible chance for being ready for school when the time comes.

 You have been preparing your child at home over these months by providing positive interactions and play. Lots of happy memories made during the lockdown with children and their families is so much more valuable to them.

I would suggest that over the coming weeks  you could arrange for your children to meet up with their preschool peers over the summer so they can socialise and play together something which they have missed out on due to the restrictions and preschool closure.

We will also be sending out a ‘More about me’ letter where you and your child can fill in together and I can pass it onto their new teacher.

In the meantime please keep logging onto Tapestry for information and suggested fun activities and also on our Facebook page. Both links are available on our website.

Each and every child who has come through the doors at preschool is valued and we have every faith that they will do well in their new adventures!

From all of us at preschool!  🙂



Last year we took part in a great event Pyjamarama! To promote and celebrate bedtime reading. Sadly we will not be able to take part by wearing our pj’s to the library this year, but you can take part online at home! Debenham library will be posting a book reading on Friday afternoon on their Facebook page as part of their regular Bookspots sessions. For more information please click on the link 

Happy Easter!

Hello all,

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from all of us at Preschool! Please continue to log in to your Tapestry account to try some of the preschool activities. You will find these on the ‘Announcements for Parents’ including some Easter craft ideas.

Although our doors are temporarily closed we are here for you. Get in touch by email, Tapestry or phone. If you are a key worker who needs childcare let us know, we may not be able to provide childcare at this time but we can offer help any way we can.

Suffolk County Council have launched a helpline for parents which will assist you if your usual school is not open or has been unable to make alternate arrangements for pupils.

Parents who are classed as a key worker or have a child that is classed as vulnerable can call the helpline. Suffolk County Council will then liaise with schools and parents to find a suitable alternative provision as close to the pupil’s current school as possible.

The helpline number is 01473 263985.

Debenham Roundabout Preschool closed

Our preschool is now closed except for childcare provision for children of key workers and other groups who do not have any other arrangements.

Sending you all very best wishes during this uncertain time. During this period of closure, if you need help or support please do get in touch via the preschool email address and we will do all we can to help you.
Rachel, Kath, Beccy, Jane, Simone, Anna and Carmen 🙂

Preschool is Open

Debenham Roundabout Preschool remains open. The Prime Minister has confirmed that the government is not closing educational settings, for now. We should only close if we are advised to do so. We will continue to adhere to the guidance from Public Health England.

Anyone with a new persistent cough and/OR a temperature, should be at home isolating with their whole family for 14 days. We will be sending children with these symptoms, and their siblings home for 14 days.

Following guidelines we will be cancelling all events in order to aid ‘social distancing’. This means there will be no Stay & Play sessions next week. We ask parents to be mindful of social distancing when picking up and dropping off children.

With absences of children and staff needing to self isolate this could become increasingly challenging for the preschool to remain open. I ask that you keep looking to the official website for guidance on closures and the Debenham Roundabout Pre-school Facebook page. We will also keep you updated via email.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this very uncertain time.

Kindest regards,


Ducklings update!

The duck eggs have been warming in the incubator for eight days now and today we were able to take a peek inside of the developing embryo. This is called ‘Candling’ – Shining a bright light source behind the egg to show details through the shell.

A positive find! We could see that the eggs were progressing by the veins spreading and growing inside the shell and the start of the air cell at one end of the egg. We will continue to follow and share their progress throughout the coming days!

Spring Term

We look forward to welcoming you back to the second half of the Spring Term on Monday 24th of February. We have been busy preparing the role play area and turning it into a ‘Farm Shop’, based on the children’s interests and next steps. This will provide the children with lots of mathematics and writing opportunities as well as developing communication and language.

We are also very excited to be having some duck eggs at Preschool this term after the success of hatching chickens last year! We will be following their progress and reporting of any developments! On Monday we will be having a visit from one of the hens which was hatched at Preschool!

We will be continuing with PE on Monday and Woodland Mornings on Tuesday at the primary school. We will also be making regular visits to the Library during the term.

Please remember to bring in plenty of warm clothes and spares as we continue with the changeable and cold weather. Thank you 🙂

This Week

We are continuing our learning of shapes with Hearts this week to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Some of our activities include, making suncatchers, blowing paint with straws, matching numbers and making heart shaped biscuits.

By acknowledging Valentine’s Day it gives us the opportunity to talk about kindness, time, respect and thoughtfulness to each other, not just at this time but throughout the year. We will be reading the story ‘Love Monster & The Perfect Present’ By Rachel Bright. “A heart warming, remember-the -most-important-things-in -life story”

Just a quick reminder that Monday 10th February is Parents Evening to discuss your child’s progress.