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Thank you and goodbye

As you all know today was my last day at Pre-school, I would like to say a big thank you for all your good wishes and gifts.  Twelve years have flown by, I have enjoyed my time here but it is now time for something new.

Thanks again,

Jo x

‘Splat the Word!’

This afternoon we played ‘splat the word’, Simone sounded out some words and the children listened very carefully and if they knew the word they ‘hit’ the corresponding picture with a fly swat.

Dental Nurse Visit

This morning we had a visit from Esther the Dental Nurse, she talked to us about how we can look after our teeth.  The children were able to dress up in some dentist uniforms and to use mirrors to check each others teeth.  Esther also taught us the song to help us brush our teeth properly (sung to the wheels on the bus tune) – “The toothbrush on the teeth goes round and round, round and round, round and round, the toothbrush on the teeth goes round and round, for two minutes long”.

Week Beginning 22nd January 2018

This week we are talking about what we can do to keep ourselves healthy, e.g. washing, brushing our teeth, sleep routines and exercise.  In the water we can play with the Octonauts and in the sand we can go on a bug hunt.

The activities this week will include: a visit from the Dental Nurse, goop, woodland play, using the overhead projector with numbers, making cellophane goggles/masks, listening to a story with the cd player and headphones, using Pixie robot, playing number recognition board games, a letters & sounds activity, painting with large brushes and rollers and using the voice recorders.

Letter Bags

This afternoon we used some letter bags, we talked about the letter on the bag and how we sound/say it.  I gave the children clues to which objects I was about to bring out of the bag and they guessed what it was.  Some of the children could think of other things beginning with that letter too.

Week Beginning 15th January 2018

This week we are looking at and talking about cooking utensils and recipe books.  In the water we can fill and empty different sized/shaped containers and in the sand we can make cakes.

The activities this week will include: using the letter bags, woodland play, playing sound games, visiting the Library, cutting and sticking collage, making pictures using kitchen utensils, making split pin clocks, using the remote control cars and phonic games in books.

Making Savoury Muffins

Today we made lots of savoury muffins.  The children helped by grating cheese, chopping peppers and spring onions, ripping spinach leaves, beating eggs and milk and mixing everything together with flour.  They also spooned the mixture into cases before they were cooked.

At snack time they tried the muffins and talked about whether they liked them or not.

Exploring vegetables!

For our theme this week we are talking about some foods that are good for our bodies and keep us healthy and some which do taste delicious, but we shouldn’t eat them every day (!) so we thought that this afternoon we would explore some vegetables!  We used magnifying glasses to look at them closely and we talked about what we noticed.  We talked about the different types of vegetables we had, if we ate them at home and if we liked them or not!  Some people then decided to draw round their vegetables on paper.

P.E. Session

Today in P.E. we did a warm up and cool down, we talked about why it was important to do this.  We also moved in different ways like different animals!