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Committee Newsletter

Welcome to our first committee newsletter

We’ll use this newsletter to keep you updated on what we’re doing to support the pre-school. If you’d like to join the committee or be added to our list of helpers, please come along to our next meeting or speak to a committee member at one of the upcoming events (details below).

You’ll be aware that the majority of our fundraising over the past few years has been to renovate the pre-school garden. It gives us great pleasure to share with you the fantastic work that was completed over the half term break; the grass area (mud bath at times) at the back of the cabin has been laid to artificial turf and so can now be used by the children in all weathers for a variety of games and activities.

A massive thank you to Farthings Funerals, The Co-op Green Token Scheme, Matthew Hicks (County Councillor) and the Parish Council for their contributions. Also to everybody who supported the Toddle Waddle, Duck Race and Camel Racing night, as well as anyone who gave a donation, purchased refreshments and raffle tickets from us at the Frost Fayre, Christmas concert, Summer Sizzler and sports day. All contributions, large and small, have made this possible – we are all very grateful.

The Rotary Club of High Suffolk have also been hard at work to support our garden project. They gave up their time over the half term break to wash and paint the entire fence surrounding the pre-school. They also built a raised bed in place of the old flower bed, so the children can now walk and balance their way around it, grow flowers and plants as well as dig and weed to help us keep it neat and tidy. It has made a fantastic difference to the garden so a huge thank you to all at the Rotary Club of High Suffolk.



Our fundraising doesn’t end there….

Fundraising is vital to maintaining the outstanding service and facilities provided by our lovely pre-school, so we will continue with our fundraising efforts and appreciate your ongoing support.

Did you know? If you shop online through (select Debenham Roundabout Pre-school as the cause) a donation will be made to us every time you shop. Lots of major retailers have signed up to this fantastic service and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Coming up in our next newsletter An overview of our Christmas events, plus read all about the Camel Racing night and how we raised over £800!

Upcoming events

FROST FAYRE – Friday 24th November                                                             We will be running our annual ‘water to wine’ and lucky dip stall

COMMITTEE MEETING– Thursday 30th November, from 7.30pm  We will be meeting in the pre-school cabin, feel free to come along for tea and biscuits and to find out more about how you can get involved

CHRISTMAS CONCERT – Friday 8th December, from 11am            We will be selling refreshments and raffle tickets

PARENTS’ EVENING – Monday 11th December,  5-7.30pm             We will be there to serve free refreshments

CHRISTMAS PARTY – Tuesday 19th December, 10-11.30am         We will be there to help out throughout




Frost Fair

Friday November 24th see’s the Annual Primary School Frost Fair. The Pre-school will be running an adult game of water or wine. We would like to ask for any donations of wine for this very good cause. Please hand them in to the staff at Pre-school and we shall collect. There will also be a children’s game of a lucky dip.

Please come along to the camel racing evening!

On Saturday 11th November, the committee are holding a joint fundraising camel racing evening with Debenham Bowls Club to raise money for both groups.  We are hoping that lots of our families will be able to come along and join in the fun.  Tickets are £8.00 each or £15.00 for two and this includes a ploughman’s supper.  There will be members of the committee selling tickets at pre-school during the morning drop off times the week we come back from half-term.  If you aren’t sure who the committee are – do ask one of members of staff and we’ll point you in the right direction!

We hope you have a lovely week off and see you on Monday 30th October!

Dear Parents/Carers

You may not be aware that Debenham Roundabout Pre-school is a charity and run by a volunteer based committee. What this means is that, unlike most schools, we do not have a board of governors to run the school nor a PTA to raise funds.

As you can imagine, more hands make light work so we are in the market for some new recruits!

Our committee is mostly made up of parents (both mum’s and dad’s!) who volunteer their time to help with all aspects of running the Preschool and have or did have, children at the preschool.  We are a friendly bunch and welcome mums, dads and regular carers of children to join the committee where absolutely no knowledge of early years childcare is needed!  All we ask is for some of your time, knowledge and expertise to help us keep the preschool running.

Committee members can volunteer to help with many things like:

– Setting up and/or running of fundraising events.

– Working stalls at fundraising events.

– ‘Tidy Up Days’ in the garden over the summer.

– Children’s Christmas Party

– Refreshments at Parents Evening.

– Maintenance jobs around the preschool.

We’re always looking for parents with skills in areas like building, gardening, management, accountancy, marketing, or parents with close links to our local community, but in truth, most of us joined the committee with parenting skills, enthusiasm and no other experience! For those wanting to take a more active role in the running of the Pre-school, we have other more involved roles such as Chair of the Committee, Secretary and Treasurer, all of which need to be filled for the Pre-school to operate.

Joining the committee is easy and involves less work than you might think. We meet every six weeks to discuss fundraising and the running of the preschool and run four or five main fundraising events during the year.

The committee also act as trustees of the Pre-school charity, so a lack of committee members could mean the Preschool has to close (Wetheringsett preschool was forced to close for this reason a few years ago).

Come along and hear what we have to say.  See what is involved and how your help can make a big difference to the education and learning environment for the children of today and future generations! New committee members are needed and welcome at any time of the year so please don’t leave it to somebody else!

If you feel you can volunteer in any shape or form and give up some of your time to us then please do contact:

Committee Chair

Sarah Phaup

Tel:     01728 861748


Any member of staff



Sarah Phaup

Chairperson, on behalf of the committee.

Summer Raffle

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you to inform you of a wonderful raffle we shall be running at Sports Day this year. Due to Raffle Laws and Regulations we are only allowed to sell tickets on the day for this one, therefore please ask friends and family if they would like some tickets and purchase them on the day.

1st Prize is an amazing 3 / 4 night stay with Haven Holidays, at Orchard Park, near Clacton on Sea. The caravan is for up to 6 people, to be taken between Friday 21st July and Monday 28th August, booked by Wednesday 19th July. This prize is worth up to £700. I hope you would agree with me that it is worth a purchase of a ticket or two at £1 a ticket, £5 a strip

2nd, 3rd and 4th prize is a case of 12 bottles of Aspall Cyder.

The money raised from this Raffle will go straight into the Garden Project.

 Update on the Garden

We have booked the garden in to be developed over the summer holidays. We will still be fundraising heavily to reach our target and have events running to the end of term and a Camel Racing night on November 11th. We shall return in September to a new artificial turf area at the back of the Cabin, still with the paving area round the outside for the children to use the ride-ons. We are very much looking forward to this new area. Thank you to everyone who has helped in the fundraising, grant/fund applications, and to those that have given so generously and supported the fundraising events.

Thank you for all your support this year and look forward to you all buying lots of raffle tickets.

Sarah Phaup

Chairperson, on behalf of the committee.

Garden Update

There are exciting times ahead for the Pre-School! We are going to develop the garden area at the back of the cabin, by the sheds. It is an area of little grass, lots of mud and plenty of puddles, even with the smallest amounts of rain. The children love to use the ride-ons in this area, but struggle to go across the mud.  (picture above)

The plan is to dig out and put artificial turf down. This will be useable in all weathers and for a variety  of activities – ball games; races; ride-on use; obstacle course; stepping stones to name but a few.

As a committee, we spent time last summer taking down the wooden structure that was in this area, so we are now ready to dig the ground. One stumbling block MONEY!  We have a target of £3000 to raise in order to do this job.  We are applying for grants to assist us and organising fundraising events.  At the start of the year we did a sponsored toddle, this raised an amazing £600, thank you to everyone who helped. Just a few weeks ago we had our annual Flying Duck Race, raising £866.74. We have had a wonderful donation from Farthings Funerals. We are in the process of organising a Camel Racing night in November (11th, please put it in your diary)!  We are also part of the Green Token scheme in the Co-op at the moment.  Every time you are there please ask for a token and put it in our slot, every penny counts!

Our second project is to move the steps into the garden, so they do not lead straight out of the door, or are as steep.  This is a carpentry job, are there any carpenters out there who can help?

We would like to ask if there are any parents/friends/relatives out there who may be able to help with sponsorship to the project, donations, or labour and materials.  Does anyone have any skills they can offer in order to help us with these projects?  Can anyone organise, or help organise a fundraising event to help us reach our target?

This is an ongoing project but it is a reality!  Please come forward if you are able to assist in any form.

We can be contacted on or

We look forward to hearing from you,


Sarah Phaup

Chair of Pre-school Committee

Toddle Waddle

Many congratulations to all 55 people who took part in the Toddle Waddle before half term. We walked a total of 34 miles (approx. Ipswich and back) as a group. The total raised was £645. This fundraising will be put towards the development of the garden over the coming months.
Thank you to one and all for toddling, sponsoring and supporting the children.
Many thanks,
The Committee

Note from the committee

As it was so successful last year, we will again be representing the preschool with a ‘water into wine’ stall at the Frost fair this year.
If you would like to donate a bottle of wine for the stall it would be very much appreciated, please bring your donations into preschool by Wednesday 23rd November.  We will also need to collect some empty bottles if you have any waiting to go to the recycling bank!- please bring these in too (note we can only use screw top bottles!)
Many thanks

Toddle Waddle

Please can we remind all parents that money for the sponsored toddle is due in by Friday 4th November.   Please can you hand this in to the staff at pre-school this week.   A final total will be announced when the final count has been done.  Thank you for your support.


This year the Pre-school committee will be running a ‘Water or Wine’ game at the schools Frost Fayre on Friday November 27th.  The money raised  at this event, like all our fundraisers, will be used to provide new toys, equipment and learning resources that the teaching staff feel would be most useful and enjoyable for the children.

If you are able to help us by contributing a bottle of wine to be used for the game we would be most grateful. Please could you bring your donation into Pre-school by Friday November 13th.

Many thanks

The Committee