Dentist Visit

We will be welcoming Esther at preschool tomorrow (Wednesday 29th January) who will be talking to the children about oral health and helping to inform the children on what to expect when visiting the dentist 🙂

All about shapes!

Dear all,

We have been focusing on shapes this term, this week our shape was STARS. The children enjoyed lots of star themed activities, which was also incorporated in our Chinese New Year celebrations! The children made red flags to represent China and added yellow stars, comparing size and shape and copying a pattern.

Some of the older children explored Chinese numbers and made marks using their fingers in paint by studying pictures of Chinese numerals and copying them. The younger children also had a go at exploring mark making using their fingers and hands in paint!

We say thank you to Ewan who has been with us this week to gain work experience. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to come back! This is all credit to the children who have made Ewan feel very welcome during his time with us – well done!

For the week ahead we will be having our PE session on Monday at the school hall. Our shape of the week is now TRIANGLES which is a change to the order set in the newsletter. Some of our triangle activities include making bunting to display, paper boat making and blowing through straws to move the boats on water. All this and more as we learn through play!

This Week

Just to let you know that due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to go over to the main school for our PE session on Monday. However we will keep active by moving to music and engaging in action songs! On our interest table we will be focussing on star shapes this week. Incorporating Chinese New Year, linking this by looking at the Chinese flag which also contains star shapes. We have lots of Chinese New Year themed activities planned throughout the week including dragons, shakers, Chinese writing and noodles!

We welcome a student from Suffolk One College, Ewan who will be with us this week. He is working towards his level 2 in Health & Social Care and is hoping to gain experience in working with people of all ages. I am sure we will keep him busy!

The Doctor role play is proving to be very popular with all of the children, myself and the staff have this week endured a broken tummy, a teeth check, hot temperatures, a broken leg and being hungry! Thankfully we received very good care at preschool!

We look forward to another fun week!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards that you kindly gave at the end of term.

Just a reminder that we will be returning to preschool on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

This term we have a Doctor/hospital role play area and will also be focussing on shapes on the interest table, starting with the cross shape.

PE and woodland sessions will start on the following week of the 13th January 2020

We look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday morning!