Incy Wincy

This week we are focussing on the ‘Incy Wincy’ nursery rhyme, following on from World Nursery Rhyme Week. We will be incorporating lots of spider themed activities to cover all areas of learning. Monday we will be using shapes in our Incy Wincey board game. Tuesday we will be going on a spider/bug hunt in the woods. We will be making messy webs using spaghetti and noodles and also making spiders by threading pipe cleaners and using googly eyes. Just some of the fun activities webbing and weaving their way into the children’s play this week!

No PE Session at the school hall

Hello all,

Just to let you know that there will be no P.E sessions at the school hall for the next few Monday mornings. The stage is set up in the main hall for the primary school Christmas performances. Rest assured we will still be engaging in physical activity at preschool! Lots of movements to music, circle games and action songs planned! We also have the use of the ‘all weather’ play equipment on the school grounds to provide time and space to enjoy energetic play!

Have a lovely weekend!


Week Beginning 18th November 2019

This week we will be celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week! World Nursery Rhyme Week is an annual initiative that promotes the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood development. The initiative this year runs from the 18th – 22nd November 2019. To support this we will be focussing on the nursery rhyme “Down in the Jungle” Our interest table is displayed with animals to use as props to enhance the learning experience while learning actions and rhyme. We will also be providing other activities during the week to support this which will cover all areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum. Look out for print outs in your child’s book bag so you can continue this at home. Nursery rhymes and songs have a huge impact on children’s development. Children relish in listening to songs full of rhyming, rhythm and repetition. By singing songs containing these core elements it is helping boost children’s language, communications and literacy development.

Spotty Week!

This week we are looking at all things spotty! Our interest table is decorated with colourful spots and we are incorporating shape, space and measure by naming shapes, counting and promoting positional language. Tuesday at the woodland morning we will be hunting for coloured spots in the woods. Wednesday we will be cooking spotty biscuits. On Friday we will finish with supporting the Children in Need event by asking children to wear something spotty and ask for donations for this great cause 🙂

A Walk to the Church

As part of early years planning, we like to enable the children to take part in local visits and walks in the local community to support children’s knowledge, understanding and experiences.

The children had made a poppy wreath at preschool, using cupcake cases, painted with red paint and sprinkled with tea leaves. We then walked through the village to place our poppy wreath inside the church and look at the other poppy displays.

The children used their senses to explore their surroundings, looking and listening to cross the road safely. They were so good at holding hands and walking the distance to the church and back. Also displaying good listening and looking skills while inside the church.

We hope to visit again in December to see the church decorated for the Christmas celebrations.