Wave off!

As part of the Suffolk Libraries Day Book Journey, Librarian Sue Hutt and Debenham Library Foundation chair Tony Hutt, took the chosen book, The Huntingfield Paintress, by Pamela Holmes, on its leg from Debenham to Stradbroke by tandem! As a way to celebrate and support the local library they are raising money by asking for donations to  sponsor their adventure.

We were there to wave them off! The children made flags and watched ‘Batman’ and ‘Robin’ set off into their journey. We wish them a safe journey and hope they raise lots of funds for a great cause!

Mark making

A group of children spent time outside at the easel,  engaging in lots of mark making. They played colaberatively, conversing about what they were doing and developing their friendships. Mark making simply refers to the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes.  Mark making can also represent a child’s thoughts and ideas. It gives them the opportunity to express themselves creatively and allows them to communicate their feelings through their drawings.