Thank you!

Just to say a big thank you to parents, carers and committee for their lovely gifts we received and your continued support – much appreciated!

On behalf of all the staff at Debenham Roundabout Preschool – Happy Holidays!

Fond Farewell!

As we say goodbye to the end of term we say a fond farewell to our school leaver friends and wish them all the best at big school!

Have a safe and happy summer and we will see you on Friday 7th September 🙂



5 star rating!

Today we had a spot check from Environmental Health to inspect our food preparation area.   We are delighted to let you all know that, once again we have maintained our 5 star rating.

Also we hope that you had a wonderful afternoon at our sports day yesterday.  We were so proud of all the children, they were all brilliant, so eager and they really tried hard to do their best.

We are especially proud of how well everyone cheered their friends on.  There were lots of very well deserved medals at pre-school today!

A big thank you to all the helpers who gave up their time to set up tents and refreshments, baked cakes and then take it all down afterwards!  We’d also like to thank the incredible generosity within our local community for all the wonderful prizes that were donated!

Pip 🙂



Reminders for next week

Hello – just a quick reminder about parent’s evening on Monday 16th July. If you can’t make it, please speak to your child’s key person to arrange a time which suits.  It’s a great opportunity to view your child’s Learning Journey and discuss your child’s development.

Also we are looking forward to seeing you at our sports day on Wednesday the 18th July – races start at 2:00 pm. Please bring sun hats, suncream and water bottles  – if we are still lucky enough to hold onto the sunny weather!

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

Tanabata wishes!

Throughout today, we have been recognising that some people in  Japan are celebrating a special festival ‘Tanabata’.
We learnt about the story behind the festival and also some of the traditions that happen at this time, including writing ‘wishes’ on colourful paper and hanging them outside from bamboo branches.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a bamboo tree in our garden, so we used the next best thing – the pergola!
We have had a great time today and lots of children have been really eager to join in, often writing their names independently, decorating the card with great care and attention.  Then, finally thinking really hard about something they’d like to wish for!  Some of the answers have been breathtaking …. here are a few for you all!
I wish for ………..
a T-Rex
big school
Mummy and Daddy
pac man
oobi-do (from the jungle book!!)
the stretchy thing from the ball pit
and finally …….. this came up twice (without any prompting!)
I wish for …… school shoes!!
We have left these beautiful, multicoloured wishes in the garden so we can continue to admire them tomorrow.

Library Visit

We had a busy morning in P:E out on the field today, running relay races, so the children had a little rest at the library this afternoon, sitting and looking through books which they chose from the shelves.

There were so many books that they enjoyed looking at but we manged to narrow it down to a choice of three which the children then were able to scan and stamp to learn about the process of borrowing from the library. We will look forward to sharing these stories at preschool.

It’s lovely to see all the children sitting and looking through the pages or listening while their book was read to them. Some books were familiar favourites and they could sit and retell the story by looking at the pictures or guess how the story might end. They had great fun while building skills for future success in reading.

Woodland Trail

We had a lovely afternoon following the woodland trail. The children spent time on the ‘wobbly’ bridges and rope swing – it was great to see the children explore and have a go at climbing, displaying confidence and showing a great sense of achievement!

We finished the afternoon with a snack and a drink, sitting in the shade under the trees or to use my favourite phrase of the day “I like sitting in the apple shade” Beautiful 🙂

Summer Sizzler!

Just a gentle reminder that we are running a refreshments stall at the ‘Summer Sizzler’ on Friday 6th July and need your help with donations of cup cakes and biscuits and scones etc.

Thank you for your support in advance 🙂