All weather play equipment

Today we couldn’t go to the hall for PE as the big school children have some busy and very important writing to do (ie SATS!!) so instead, we used the all weather play equipment to challenge the children’s physical ability.

This is a great way to build confidence on the not so familiar climbing equipment, we find that children are sometimes  a little apprehensive with some areas of this activity area.  However, today we saw lots of jumping, running, climbing, balancing, sharing, turn taking and encouraging amongst friends – it is a joy to see children realise they can do it when faced with a challenge and see the pride in their own achievements.

Special Visit

We have had a “farm corner” at pre-school this term and on Friday James  – aka George’s  Daddy,  kindly came to visit to talk to the children about farming.  He explained that on his farm they grow crops and brought some in to show us.  Oil seed rape and wheat.

The children were able to see the crops as plants, seeds and the finished product.  George also had great knowledge about his Daddy’s work and was able to share with his peers some interesting facts about farming.

Bye bye butterflies!

It was great for the children learn about metamorphosis – to watch the caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.

Today we opened the mesh habitat and released the butterflies out into the wild! The children were very excited and tried to follow where they flew to.

Next time you are in the garden see if they can spot some butterflies – it may just be one of theirs!


Caterpillar Update!

We had some very exciting news for the children today!  Over the weekend five beautiful Painted Lady butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis!!

We showed the children before home time today and they were very gentle and quiet as we watched them in wonder!  We had lots of questions about the new butterflies, and we observed their beautiful wings as some of them fluttered a little for us!

They have some food, apples, flowers and a little sugared water at the bottom of the net and we will set them free in a couple of days.

Moving to music

Today the children were creating movement in response to music. They had great fun dancing, very impressively in different ways and were able to teach the staff some moves – flossing – I will leave that with you  😀

Duck Race!

You will hopefully be aware that the annual ‘Duck Race’ fundraiser for the preschool is coming up on 20th May at 2pm! The preschool committee are already busy organising a fun afternoon for everyone.

For anyone not aware, at the Duck Race we have lots of fun stalls and games for everyone to enjoy, as well as the main event of ‘flinging the ducks’! You have the opportunity to win exciting prizes generously donated from local businesses, if your duck flies the furthest from our giant catapult! We’ve got a £25 voucher from the COOP, family passes for fun days out, fresh milk from Palfrey & Hall and much more up for grabs!

Even if you’re not able to attend on the day, you can buy as many ducks as you’d like for £1 each before the event, available at many local shops, at the COOP on Saturday morning, as well as on the day at the school.

We’ll be running our very popular refreshments stall and would like parents to donate biscuits, buns or whole cakes to furnish the table on the day. Please bring any donations you can along at 1:30 before we kick off at 2pm

The committee would be really grateful for any volunteers to help run the day, if you’re interested please contact Sarah Watts on 07716023188.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!