Sensory Play

We transformed the quiet room into a “Sensory” room where the children could explore and investigate by using their senses. They were fascinated by the different coloured lights and spent time watching the changes as they held the lights to different objects or to each other!

Soft play

The children enjoyed the soft play last week, they had great fun! Lots of important developmental moves which help children to:

  • get a feel for themselves in their body
  • feel right in their skin
  • coordinate their movement
  • take ‘safe’ risks and build their confidence
  • learn to take care of themselves and others


Throwing and catching in P.E

Today in PE we practised our throwing and catching.  After warming up, we made a circle and sang a song ‘If you’re happy and you know it, pass the ball!’ then when the song stopped, we had to try to bounce the ball to one of our friends.   We then sat down and rolled the ball to one of our friends, however this time we tried to catch the ball with our feet not our hands.

Lots of fun was then had as we each had a scarf, we turned the music up and tried balancing it on our head, arm, shoulder and back (!) as we danced round the room.   This was followed by practising our throwing and catching skills as we threw our scarves high in the air and tried hard to catch them.

We then used our scarves in our cool downs, waving them from side to side, up down and a big full body wiggle!

Caterpillar update

We have been keeping a close eye on the caterpillars. The children have noticed that they have grown a lot! Well they are munching machines after all!

We talked about the silky web in the pot that is forming around the caterpillars and it will soon be taking shape as the Pupa, or Chrysalis.

Re: The Friends of the SRH Primary School

Is your child due to start Nursery or Reception at Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School, Debenham?   You may be interested to know that they hold regular second hand uniform sales and have a lot of smaller sizes in stock which we may be useful for some younger children starting.  Prices start at only 50p per item!

Special delivery!

We have taken delivery of a very special parcel!  One of our families has bought us some ‘caterpillars’ which we showed to the group this afternoon.

We studied them in the pot and we noticed that some of them were already wriggling around.  We will continue to watch them over the new few weeks to marvel at the transformation.

Welcome back to pre-school!

Today we had a quite a quiet day as we have a number of children who are currently off with chicken pox.   Instead of visiting the woods, we played on the ‘all weather’ play equipment on the playground which the children seemed very excited about.

It was an excellent way to offer some different physical challenges, and build some self-confidence if some children were slightly apprehensive about trying something new.   We were very proud of the perseverance that the children showed and the sense of pride in their achievements was brilliant for the staff to watch.

Help Needed

We are a committee-run Pre-School where members can join whether they have children attending the Pre-School or not. Is there anyone out there interested in being part of the committee or helping us from a treasurer’s side?
We often have positions open up in addition to the normal committee posts and this month we are on the lookout for someone to take up the role of Treasurer.
We are also in need of someone with carpentry skills who might be willing to spare some time to help repair the rotting frame of the entrance ramp to the Pre-School that is long overdue.
Please feel free to get in touch via the Pre-School, or direct to if you would like more information about any items detailed above.
Thanks The Committee

Bunny Hop Sponsor Money

Thank you to all those that took part in the sponsored bunny hop. Please can I remind you that sponsor money is due in by Friday 20th April (1st Friday after the Easter holidays). Please feel free to drop off at pre school earlier if you have it.
We will keep you posted on a final finishing figure when we have all money in.
Thank you for your continued support
The Committee