Woodland Play

Another fun morning in the woods, all sorts to play with – writing and drawing, dinosaurs, den building.  We made a chimney out of bricks and were very proud of how many children have learnt to climb up onto the rope bridge all by themselves.

Week Beginning 8th May 2017

This week we are continuing to water our plants and watch them grow.  In the water it’s babies bath time, in the sand we can go on a safari!

This week the activities will include:  making a Duck race display, mark making in sand, phonic lotto, leaf punching/threading, some special visitors, mirror phonics, food colour droplet pictures, playing a listening game, using the remote control cars and a visit to the Library.

Special Visitors!

We had some very special ‘furry’ visitors this morning, most of the children were very excited to see them.  Those who wanted to hold the kittens were very gentle and good at sharing the cuddles around.


Last week a very special and treasured pale pink zip hoodie seems to have gone astray.  It has the word ‘AUSTRALIA’ printed on the front and is named on the inside label.

Could you be kind please and check at home in case it has been put in the wrong bag by mistake!

Thank you for your help!

Planting Beans

Today the children planted some runner beans.  They wrote their name on a label for their jar, listened carefully to my instructions and rolled their piece of kitchen paper and put it in to their jar.  They were all very good at using the spray bottle to ‘squirt’ water on to the paper! then they put their bean in their jar.  Well done everyone.

Week Beginning 2nd May 2017

This week we are watering our plants and talking about how they are growing.  In the water this week we can play with the pirates and in the sand we can use the weighing scales.

The activities this week will include:  woodland play, a visit to the library, cutting and sticking, cellophane printing, making binoculars, a walk on the field with our binoculars, planting seeds and writing labels and playing number board games.