Planting seeds

This afternoon, we have been planting some seeds.  We used some paper pots that the children made yesterday and we learnt to ‘fill to to the top’ very carefully with compost.   Lots of fun was had with the water squirter to soak the compost!    The children then chose the seeds they would like to plant and we talked about the colours of the pictures on the seed packets.    Of course, the newly planted seeds needed more watering!

We then talked about writing labels to help us remember what we had planted, some children copied the words, ‘sunflower’ or ‘cosmos’ from the packs, some needed a little more help.

One final squirt to give them lots of water for the bank holiday weekend and we said we would check them again next week!

Our first visit to the Library!

We were all so very proud of the children today – we had our first visit to the library!   The children listened really well as we talked about which books we could look at and how we had to be very careful with them and put them back the right way round!!

We had a wonderful time and the children had free choice to read stories with the grown ups and we spent just under 40 minutes there.

We are hoping to get our own library card very soon, so we can bring a book back each week to read together.




Duck Race 7th May 2017 at 2pm

Duck Race commences at 2pm on Saturday 7th May.   Ducks can be purchased at the event,  outside Debenham co-op between 9.30 and 11.30 on Saturday 6th May or in local Debenham shops (Florist, Newsagents, Cafe).  Lots of the fun for the family including lucky dip,  face painting, stalls,  refreshments and the chance to climb into a tractor/fire-engine.
As the Pre-school’s major fundraising event we hope to see as many people as possible there, so please bring your friends and family.

Week Beginning 24th April 2017

This week we will be talking about ‘growing things’ and looking at our books about seeds and plants.  This week in the water we can play with and sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, in the sand we can make cakes.

The activities this week will include:  group P.E. session, using the laptop, Woodland play, a visit to the Library, using the blending box, playing ball games, phonics Pixie, weaving and using the sensory room.

Textured Pictures

This morning we made some textured pictures, the children enjoyed ‘dribbling ‘ the glue on to the paper plate, then they sprinkled various seeds and grains onto the glue.

Water painting in the garden!

This afternoon we had our camping water dispenser out in the garden and we have been water painting.  The children were encouraged to  use the ‘tap’ themselves and we were very proud of how hard they tried to make it work.  As it was so popular, there was a bit of a wait to fill up the buckets, but everyone was very patient waiting for their turn and we heard lots of offers to share and help each other out.  The fences, sheds, paths, tyres, logs and bikes have all been painted with water!


Today some of the children have been making a sign for our Vets surgery, “Welcome to Roundabout Vets”.

Summer Term 2017

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and look forward to welcoming everyone back to the new term which begins tomorrow (19th April 2017).