Week Beginning 28th November 2016

This week we are talking about things that are ‘green’.  In the water we can do some washing and hang it on the line.  In the sand we are using one handed tools and equipment.

The activities this week will include: practising for our concert, decorating an Angel, woodland fun, playing an animal sound game, making Christmas cards, making icicles for a display, playing ring games, playing with Beebot and using the light table.


New ‘Orchard Toys’ too!

We are also very lucky to have received an Amazon voucher to purchase some new ‘Orchard Toys’ games and at our last staff meeting we agreed on which ones to purchase.  They have now arrived and we have already had lots of fun playing with them.  We are again very proud of how well the children have taken turns and waited patiently for their turn!


Our New Toys Have Arrived

We are delighted to say that our new wooden construction set has arrived!   We have played with it all day today and it has been very popular.  We are very proud of how well the children have shared all the equipment.   Thank you everyone!




Thank You

Thank you very much for your kind donations of games, toys and clothes.  We have replaced and added games and toys and replenished our spare clothes.  We are now full to bursting! Thank you very much again.

Week Beginning 21st November 2016

This week the colour is pink.  In the sand we can make ice creams in our Ice Cream Parlour,  in the water we can fill bottles to certain levels.

The activities this week will include: practising our concert songs, making props for our concert, woodland fun, playing with torches to music, a box of interesting toys/objects to encourage communication and story sacks.