Macmillan Coffee Morning

We enjoyed a cake at snack time today from the school’s Macmillan coffee morning.  Thank you very much for your donations of cake and money, we raised over £30 which we gave to the school.

Chocolate Goop!

On Wednesday we tried something new! we made some chocolate goop.  The children enjoyed mixing it and smelling the lovely chocolate smell as they played.

A.G.M. 6th October 2016

On Thursday 6th October we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, where over wine and nibbles we review the past year and look forward to the upcoming school year. The AGM is also where many committee members stand down and new committee members come on board.

We have been very lucky over the past few years to have a number of wonderful volunteers who have been mainstays of the committee but who now, due to their children moving on from pre-school, have decided it’s time to leave.  Not only does this leave a hard gap to fill, it puts the existence of our pre-school at risk. The committee are also trustees of the pre-school charity, so if we don’t have enough members on our committee, the pre-school will be forced to close.

We are very lucky in Debenham to have such an outstanding pre-school with excellent, experienced staff. If the pre-school were to disappear it would be a huge loss, not only to those involved but to those of you looking to educate your children and the community as a whole.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please don’t let that put you off from nominating yourself. You don’t have to be there for your nomination to be accepted.

If you have any questions regarding any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me on (01728) 861924 or email; or contact a member of staff in pre-school or email the pre-school on

Remember, please don’t leave it to somebody else. Even if you can volunteer just a small amount of time to support your pre-school, this would be an enormous help.

Week beginning 26th September 2016

This week our pattern is ‘floral’.  In the water this week we have a duck pond were we can see if we can ‘hook’ a boat.  In the sand we can play in dinosaur world.

The activities this week will include: group P.E. session, cutting and sticking flower collage, Forest School activity, parachute games, story sacks, chocolate goop, cellophane painting, group music session, flower printing and using Pixie Robot/Beebot.


This week we’re looking at stripes!

We used some very long paper in the garden and our ‘go-wheelies’ to try to make our own stripey patterns.   Everyone was very careful to return the go-wheelie to the right tray so the colours didn’t get mixed up.  As they walked up and down the path, we talked to children about the different marks they were making.

See the next post for the finished picture


Today we have been threading pasta onto ribbon to make necklaces or snakes, developing our fine motor skills to help us hold pens and pencils.

Week beginning 19th September 2016

This week our pattern is ‘stripey’. There are lots of stripey things on the table to look at and talk about.

In the water this week we can water some flowers with spray bottles, this will help to strengthen muscles and develop fine motor skills.  In the sand we can find treasure for the pirates and make stories as we play.

The activities this week will include: group P.E. session, a walk around the field to collect leaves for display pictures, woodwork, painting leaves and apples for a display, pasta necklaces, doing the Animal Boogie, visit from a photographer, making stripey pictures wth go wheelies, foot painting and bubbles, dancing and music in the garden.

This week on Thursday morning we will be having a photographer visit the group.  If you have children in Nursery/Primary School they are very welcome to come for a group sibling photo, please bring them as close to 9.00am as possible so they are not too late for school.  Additionally, if your child is not normally here on that day, you are very welcome to bring them along to be photographed, however, we would ask that you wait with them so that our staff ratios are not affected.