Helping to make some posters

This afternoon the children helped to laminate some posters from the committee advertising the forthcoming duck race.  They were very excited to see the pictures of the ducks and we talked about last year’s duck race.  They were careful to open the laminating sheets, put the poster inside and then slowly pop it into the machine.  Finally, it was very exciting to see it come out the other end “like plastic”!

Week beginning 21st March 2016

This week we are talking about the opposites ‘light’ and ‘heavy’.  In the water this week we are finding out which things float and which things sink.  In the sand we can make faces.

The activities this week will include:  making sparkly flower pictures, egg shaped pom-pom printing, Forest School Easter Egg and rabbit hunt, egg shaped potato prints, music session, making chocolate nests, soft play and playing a sound matching game.