Week beginning 29th February 2016

This week we are talking about the oppostites ‘hot’ and ‘cold’.   Our story corner is Bob the Builder, we can play and act out stories with all the characters.  In the water this week we are bathing babies and in the sand there is a building site.

This week the activities will include: making special cards, having an obstacle course in the garden, Forest School activities, using the rhyming letter pots, writing, music session, dinosaur shadows and playing with the parachute.


Voting for todays story

The children were each given a ‘smiley face’ at story time today, they put their ‘smiley face’ in the bowl with the story they would like to hear.  They then helped to count the votes!

Yummy porridge!

As our story of the week is ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ we had porridge for our snack today, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right!  Yummy!

Week beginning 22nd February 2016

Welcome back to the second half of the spring term, we hope you all had a good half term holiday.

This term we are talking about ‘opposites’ and this week it’s ‘rough’ and ‘smooth’.  In the sand we can make birthday cakes and talk about family birthdays.  In the water we can fill and empty different sized and shaped containers using the language ‘big’ and ‘little’.

The activities this week will include:  P.E. session – obstacle course, playing with Pixie Robot, making porridge pictures, Forest School activity, blow painting pictures, making tactile teddies, writing letters to baby bear, playing with bugs in goop, having a bear hunt in the Forest and playing with our bubble machine.

Sainsbury’s Vouchers

Shopping at Sainsbury’s?

Once again, Sainsbury’s are awarding Active Kids vouchers.   This year we thought we would try to ‘aim’ for something!  We are aspiring to collect enough vouchers for a new tent set including a crawling tunnel.   Following some recent staff training we agreed this item would really support children’s development in a number of ways.  We do already have a similar tent and tunnel and it is very popular but unfortunately it is quite old and tatty now.

So, here’s where EVERYONE can help!  Please, please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to save their Active Kids vouchers, we are trying to collect as many as possible.  We need to collect 1156 in total and Sainsbury’s will be handing them out until 3 May.

We would be really grateful for all the support we can get and guarantee the children would love this new item!

Thank you!

Pip, Kath, Jo, Beccy, Jane and Simone

please click here to see a picture of our target item sainsburys tunnel

Pancake Day

Yesterday we made pancakes.  The children were very interested in the ingredients and making the mixture.  They got quite excited when Pip flipped a pancake!

Week beginning 8th February 2016

This week we are learning all about Jo and her family.

It’s a very busy week this week as it’s Chinese New Year and Pancake Day!

In the water this week we can play with water wheels, watching to see why things happen and how they work.  In the sand we can make small sand castles and use the number moulds to number them.

The activities this week will include: Chinese New Year P.E. session, Chinese paper cutting, pancakes, making rice pictures, group music session, firework pictures, using Pixie with Chinese New Year animals, going on a monkey hunt, making hand prints and making sparkly paper plate fans.