Party & picnic on our last day

This afternoon we finished the summer term with a party and a picnic outside in the garden.  We played some party games and danced to some music, then we had our snack together in the garden.

All the staff would like to wish everyone a very happy summer holiday and also thank everyone for the lovely gifts we have received.

Week beginning 21st July 2014

Our last three days of the summer term!

This week we’ll be doing our P.E. session in the hall moving like sea creatures, playing with Goop, having a ‘Were going on a Bear Hunt’ walk on the field and will be playing lots of games.

Week ending 18th July 2014

This week we had lots of stories about sea creatures and talked about the animals in the stories.

The children explored colours and what happens when they mix colours when they painted with rollers.  They also played with number sacks and used number names as they played.

On Wednesday Pip helped the children make a Pasta sauce, they chopped some vegetables and also used the food processor to chop the vegetables even smaller.   They liked watching the vegetables going round in the food processor very quickly.

In our music session we sang and danced to some of our favourite songs.

On Thursday some children played ‘snakes and ladders’ counting the moves on the board.  We also played with some magnets and explored which surfaces the magnets would stick to.

The children have played with the ‘bugs’ and ‘flowers’ in the sand, looking for bugs with the magnifying glasses and also planting flowers in the flower pots.  The water activity has been very popular with the children filtering coloured water and using jugs to pour.

Week beginning 14th July 2014

This week we have Sea Creatures on the table with the books ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, ‘Shark in the Park’, ‘Don’t eat the Teacher’ and ‘Mr Seahorse’.

Some of our activities this week will include pasta dying, painting with rollers, story sacks and magnet play.

Bottles and funnels are in the water to play with and there’s a mini best garden to explore in the sand.

In our P.E. session this week we’ll be acting out ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

We also have some work experience students joining us to play this week and next week, we hope they enjoy their time with us.

Sports Day

The weather stayed fine for our Sports Day on Saturday (12th July), we had some very good races and a lot of fun!

Week ending 11th July 2014

This week the children have been helping to tell the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and looking at the photos of staff and their children to see if they could match the Mummy to the Baby!

In our P.E. session this week we had another practice for Sports Day!

Playing with Pixie Robot and Peppa Pig was fun, the children programmed Pixie to move around the board and find different Peppa Pig characters.

We’ve done lots of woodwork this week making models using a drill and hammers and nails.

The Aqua Play outside has been very popular with the children building structures with water wheels in and using the paddle to move water around the canals and pump water in and out of the locks.

We’ve also played some board games and memory games and discovered that the children have very good memory’s!

We also had some kittens to visit us this week they were very lively and wanted to explore prechool.

We hope the weather is good for Sports Day tomorrow (12th July 11am) see you there!