Debenham Street Fayre

Despite the weather (thank goodness we had a Gazebo!) we had a lot of visitors to our stall. Thank you to all who donated cakes/biscuits and all who visited us.

Week beginning 30th June 2014

This week our focus book is ‘Giraffe’s Can’t Dance’, we’ll be reading the book and talking about the animals in the story.

In the sand this week we have a ‘Dinosaur Swamp’ and in the water we’ll be using nets to catch animals and hooks to catch boats.

Our other activities this week include using the laptop to draw and print pictures, painting pictures outside with rollers, using walkie talkies and microphones, having a nature hunt, playing in the sensory room and practicing for Sports Day.



Week ending 27th June 2014

This week on Tuesday we had our summer outing to Banham Zoo, the children and adults all had a fabulous (and quite tiring) time.  The children have been drawing their favourite animals and writing titles for their pictures.

The ‘bathing babies’ in the water tray has been a very popular activity this week, with the children finding out all about water levels.  The children have also enjoyed playing board games and making models.

In the nice weather on Friday we had another practice for our Sports Day (12th July 2014).  Hopefully the weather from now until the end of term will be kind to us, looking forward to another fun week of learning.

Week beginning 23rd June 2014

This week on Tuesday we are going on our summer outing to the Zoo.  Our focus book this week is ‘Dear Zoo’.  We’ll be talking about the animals we see at the Zoo and finding out facts about the animals.  We’ll also be practicing for our sports day, playing number games, making models and using ‘Pixie Robot’.  Our water activity this week is ‘bathing babies’, the children will be using the ‘shower’ and finding out about water levels.

As the weather is nice and hot please try to send children to preschool with a hat and some suncream as we will be spending a lot of time outside, thank you.